Even when Obama"s no running because that anything, he passes on the chance to choose a side in the at sight Bowl, punting once asked for a prediction.

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In 2009, 10 days after his inauguration, chairman Barack Obama do a prediction. In a sit-down interview with NBC"s Matt Lauer ~ above NBC before the supervisor Bowl, Obama guessed that the Steelers would beat the Cardinals in the Super key XLIII, claiming that they would certainly "eke it out in the end."

He was specifically right, together Santonio Holmes" so late touchdown catch would seal the victory in one of the most competitive at sight Bowls of all time. Obama to be 1-0 together America"s leader predicting America"s greatest game.

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Seven year later, he remains 1-0. Obama has continued doing interviews before the supervisor Bowl, enabling the broadcast channel to display their journalistic chops come their biggest audience that the year and enabling Obama to spread out his blog post to his biggest audience of the year. However year ~ year, as soon as asked because that his prediction, Obama has passed.

While Obama happily fills out a 68-team bracket for the NCAA Tournament, the flatly refuses to choose sides once it pertains to the supervisor Bowl. Election year? No prediction. Non-election year? No prediction. Two groups from blue states? No prediction. Everything the circumstance, Obama won"t choose a side. Probably he just doesn"t want to challenge the team he picked to shed if they finish up acquisition a victor"s visit come the White House?

He"s no running for anything, so hopefully this year that won"t punt choose he has in year past. In politics, it"s much better to unite than divide, however in sports, we"re every for picking sides and telling people you actually hate them.

Here"s a year-by-year malfunction of Obama"s non-predictions due to the fact that his exact 2009 pick. It"s nice impressive!


Obama to be interviewed through Katie Couric, that closed v sports:

I"m gonna let you display off her sports understanding for a moment. Who do you think will certainly win and also why?I think the Colts probably need to be favored. Mainly due to the fact that they"ve obtained perhaps the best quarterback in history. I mean, Peyton Manning is unbelievable. And also you know, they"ve got a team the has finish confidence in him. Everybody knows the system. There"s massive continuity v that team. For this reason they room tough.

I do have actually a soft spot in my heart for brand-new Orleans. Mainly because of what the city"s gone through. Over these last several years. And also I simply know just how much that team way to them. And I got to know drew Brees once we shoot a commercial for having children get much more active and get turn off the couch. And he"s just a class act. Wonderful guy. Wonderful family.

But I would say the the Colts have to be favored. Now, one other factor that I need to confess right here is that once my Bears visited the at sight Bowl several years ago, it was the Indianapolis Colts that beat "em. For this reason I more than likely will still have actually a little bit of one axe to grind.

And you"d favor to problem an executive order, ns understand, mandating a close game

Mandating a close game. We had a great game last year. And I"m positive that we"ve obtained the same kind of video game we had with the Cardinals and the Steelers.

I guess: v you could argue Obama speak he"d think the Colts would certainly be favored as Obama predicting the Colts, but he never ever did in reality predict they"d win.


Obama was interviewed by bill O"Reilly, and the longtime conservative pundit seized top top the rare opportunity to badger the president about things the disagreed with. Yet he made nice in ~ the end and asked around the game:

Bill, here"s the thing. As soon as my bear lost, ns don"t pick sides.

So you don"t care?

No, I perform care! I desire a great game.

You don"t care who wins?

These space pretty evenly matched teams.

They are.

I think environment-friendly Bay is a tiny faster, the Steelers acquired a little much more experience. Ns think the Steelers not having their starting center is something castle gotta be worried about.


Obama was interviewed by Lauer, who convinced Obama to sell a Steelers forecast in 2009. This time, the wasn"t together successful.

It"s a great matchup today. I understand your bear aren"t here. You prefer the matchup?

It"s gonna it is in a good game. Ns think what the Giants have actually done coming earlier from a tough case in the middle of the season is quite remarkable. And Belichick and also Brady are always tough. It"s gonna be a close game.

Who perform you like?

You know, ns can"t call it. Ns think this is gonna be one of those where it comes down to a turnover, or some sphere off somebody"s head.

A little history. 2004 the Patriots were in it, they winner it, George bush went ~ above to come to be President the the unified States. In 2008, the Patriots to be in that they lost to the Giants, and also a male named Barack Obama went on to become President. So who execute you desire to win this year?

You"re no going to obtain me. You"re no going to gain me. I"m going to root because that a good game.

Lauer go on come ask if Obama"s wife and also kids thought Tom Brady was hot, and that was that.


CBS sent Scott Pelley to speak to Obama, who declined to ask because that a prediction. Ever before the newsman, Pelley"s just reference to football to be a severe question about whether Obama would certainly let his theoretical son pat football discovering what he knows around the risks of the sport. But prior to the camera reduced away, Obama readily available this:

It is gonna it is in a an excellent game. I have some wings wait for me upstairs.


O"Reilly again, and also he launched directly into discussion of Obamacare. However he left 15 seconds at the finish of the interview come ask around the game.

Prediction because that the game? Who"s gonna victory the supervisor Bowl!

I can"t make a prediction, I"m no sure. These males are as well evenly matched. Ns think it"s gonna be 24-21. However I don"t recognize who"s going to it is in 24, and who"s walking to it is in 21.

This to be the the strongest prediction Obama has ever made, and it was exceptionally wrong. The Seahawks won 43-8.


Savannah Guthrie walk the interview because that NBC in the White house kitchen, whereby Obama and also Guthrie sampled beer home-brewed at the White House. She led off through the soccer question:

I gotta questioning you, I know most human being in America think around one point today, the game. Perform you have a prediction? I recognize your bears aren"t in it.

Since the bear aren"t in it, I constantly think it"s wisest no to choose a team, since then ns alienate one big city. However I will say it"s walking to it is in close. And also the concern I have is whether Seattle"s secondary is healthy enough. That"s the heart and also soul of their team, and also they gained three guys ago there who room hurt. I don"t know just how that"s going to affect the game.

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Guthrie then swerved right into a conversation about DeflateGate. Obama said that that felt the Patriots would"ve beaten the Colts with or there is no deflating balls, which most likely alienated Indianapolis some.