After much more than 15 years in print, Tite Kubo finally brought Bleach to an end earlier in respectable 2016. The beloved supernatural collection wrapped soon after the manga"s "One-Thousand Year Blood War" arc ended, and fans were anxious to see just how Kubo would carry Bleach come a close. Lot of of fans wanted to know just how Ichigo Kurosaki would certainly balance his life as a heart Reaper and a human. And, the course, diehard shippers were dying to recognize who the orange-haired hero would end up with.

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Unfortunately, Ichigo"s surprising romance left dozens of fan-wars in the wake.

Chapter 686 of Bleach left fans shocked when it to be revealed that Ichigo Kurosaki finished up with Inoue Orihime. End the years, shipping wars sprung up between fans together they said over whether Ichigo should end up through Rukia Kuchiki or Inoue. In the end, the last won Ichigo"s love whilst Rukia finished up with Renji Abarai.

The chapter additionally touched top top other personalities like Chad, Karin, and also Yuzu. Ichigo"s former classmate wound up pursuing a job in heavyweight wrestling when his sisters started to research their spiritual powers in earnest. Together for Ishida, the fan-favorite fighter to be sadly left the end of the thing alongside other warriors prefer Nel and also Grimmjow.

Still, it was Bleach"s sudden marital relationship bomb that had actually fans suiting increase for web warfare. Pan on both sides of Ichigo"s shipping debacle suggested that Kubo never collection up the hero to end up through one girl. And, in some ways, those fans to be right; The creator the Bleach was never ever overly focused on adding romance to the series.

During a visit at san Diego Comic Con, Kubo comment on Bleach"s controversial love triangle well before it came to an end. The artist said he was asked around romance a lot, however he wasn"t too concentrated on that kind of storytelling.

"I don"t desire to make Bleach right into a love story due to the fact that there space much an ext exciting things around their personalities and things that they have the right to do rather of getting into the romance facet of your relationships," that said.

However, fans deserve to trace ago moments i beg your pardon hint towards Ichigo"s romance with Inoue. The latter had actually a turoulend crush on Ichgio during the series, and also the Soul reaper was safety of Inoue. ~ all, the hero did charge head-first into Arrancar are to conserve her after ~ Inoue to be kidnapped through Aizen"s guard.

As because that Rukia, she childhood connection with Renji was a solid indicator that the pair might wind up together. Renji"s inability to conserve Rukia when she was first threatened v execution soured pan to the red-headed vice captain, however Renji worked to prove himself as a solid warrior from that allude on.

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When it comes down to it, the final chapter that Bleach just tied increase the loose end"s of Kubo"s canon - but that shouldn"t avoid fans from having their own take ~ above Ichigo"s heart. There are dozens the fanfic sites the end there for fans come pair Ichigo v whomever they"d favor or even no one at all.