The 1891 lock Inn of brand-new Orleans

1539 fourth Street, brand-new Orleans, LA (888) 826-0540When we very first took end the 1891 castle Inn in 1998, we had no idea we would certainly be share our mansion with spirits -- at the very least the no flammable kind. Once one of our staff repetitively reported see a male apparition standing by the home window in Room 11, us did not quite think it. Then, once guests report strange incidents taking place relatively regularly, we started to think that there might be something to it.Intrigued and also bewildered, we checked out the previous owners and asked if castle had ever before encountered anything out of the ordinary. They claimed they had not.Our guests and also employees report strange and also unexplained encounters: Objects relocating by themselves, electric lights and also appliances turning on and off on their own, inexplicable sounds, numerous footsteps, water faucets turning on and also off in north bathrooms, and also brief glimpses that a "transluscent man" standing in corners and also on the former porch so late at night. Cool. This is the kind of ingredient that provides you question precepts the reality and also mortality. Us are now pretty much believers back Andy is still wait for the penny to creep up the door by itself. Whoopee!What we have actually learned about our spirits is the result of several ghost researchers" "readings" and testimonials of ours guests, visitors and also staff. Below is what us think us have: 2 ghosts -- maybe more. Dates and names seem come be hard to pond down, but based on the "facts," both of our ghosts left this material human being at the very least 100 years ago -- and also probably even longer.Our very first ghost was a payment servant, a horse carriage driver, who acted together a gentleman"s gentleman. He was a an extremely light skinned black guy who spoke number of languages, love the ladies, love music, drank much too much, smoked and also was rather the prankster. Sadly he accidentally eliminated himself in a smoky fire set either through smoking in bed or through knocking over a heater pot. He to be so drunk that did not wake and also suffocated come death. His spirit remains in our mansion due to the fact that it choose to. After ~ all, he always believed that his rightful location was in the key mansion and also not in the servant"s quarters. The is the one responsible because that the coughing and whistling heard in the hallways, objects moving or being concealed (ask about the receipts in the microwave) and is the "transluscent man" often seen in mirrors or briefly watched out the the edge of guest"s eyes. He loves to play through radios, televisions, ceiling fans, and lights. If girlfriend can"t find an object in her room, look in a drawer or in a ar where you would certainly not leaving it. (Like the guests who, upon check out, could not uncover the receipts that the past 4 days that shopping and travel i beg your pardon the husband had collected in his wallet. His wife discovered them all in the microwave after they searched the room from top to bottom.)Our second ghost is a tiny girl that drowned in a little pond ~ above the previous grounds of the local plantation before it to be subdivided to do room for a swiftly growing new Orleans. She to be wearing a white dress and also was barefoot at the time. She wanders the ar in search of her mother and also is a frequent visitor come the lock Inn. She is the one responsible because that water transforming on and off, women being touched on the leg (as if brushed by a cat), beds bouncing up and also down (as if your kid were do the efforts to wake you up because that pancakes on Sunday morning) and small bare feet running up and down hallways.All of our guests indicated that lock were no frightened by their encounters, just perplexed and bemused.Karen BacharachOwnerHotel website | Hotel ReviewsCheck in and tell us at if you have actually a story. Permit us know if us can short article it on the site.If you perform go, tell lock you discovered them ~ above!

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