PERSONAL trainer and also television host Bob Harper has recently do headlines for talking openly around surviving a love attack.

His heart is quiet functioning, bringing in addition to it the power of love.

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Bob Harper is a an individual trainer and also television hold on The biggest LoserCredit: Getty photos - Getty

Who is Bob Harper?

Born respectable 18, 1965, the 56-year-old is a personal trainer, television host, best-selling author and also advocate because that heart health.

Harper acquired his begin on The best Loser in 2004, where he was one of the personal trainers for 16 seasons. In 2015, Harper take it over as the host of the show, replacing Alison Sweeney.

Harper has had three number one best-selling publications on the new York time list, through titles such as The slim Rules and also Jumpstart to Skinny.

On the brand-new season of The greatest Loser in 2020, Harper made it his score to emphasis on overall well being, no on the idea of gift skinny.



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Is Bob Harper married?

Bob Harper has actually been married to companion Anton Gutierrez because 2019.

The marriage was announced in a June 29, 2019 post to Instagram.

"Well this taken place yesterday," the short article read, accompanying a photograph of his and his partner's hands with panther-shaped yellow rings on your left ring fingers.

The an individual trainer tagged both Cartier and partner Guitierrez in the post, hashtagging "#loveislove".

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Bob Harper endured a heart strike in early 2017Credit: Getty Images

When did Bob Harper have actually a love attack?

In February that 2017, Harper was functioning out in ~ a gym in new York City once he blacked out and collapsed. Harper woke up days later on in the hospital, learning he had survived a substantial heart attack and gone into cardiac arrest.

September 29, 2021, is human being Heart Day, and also Bob Harper spoke on the this particular day Show about heart health.

"If I've survived this heart attack, I deserve to have a complete life the is strong and happy and also fulfilling," Harper said on the show.

Harper functions alongside company Survivors have actually Heart to assist bring awareness to overall health and well being and also the influence it has actually on one's heart.

One reasons of a heart assault can be genetics, which you're able to gain tested for. Harper proceeds to encourage exercise and also a well balanced diet to help maintain heart health.