One Tree Hill: 10 ideal Characters included After Season 1 While fans did love the town hall the advance between the core five, there to be some amazing characters included to the present after season 1.

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Julian, Rachel, Clay, and also Quinn in One Tree Hill
One Tree Hill is well-known for gift an ensemble present surrounding around the stays of characters Lucas, Nathan, Peyton, Haley and also Brooke. In the later on seasons, especially as they gone into adulthood, much more supporting personalities were added. These personalities served as love interests, children, and antagonists come the main team of five -- and also even replaced Lucas and Peyton once they departed ~ season 6.

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Not every one of the brand-new additions were met v praise, as some ended up acquisition the mantle as the show"s new villain. Others, however, came to be fan-favorites that viewers great had been in the present all along.

Millie talking to she boss, Brooke Davis, top top One Tree Hill
Millie was introduced during the time run at the begin of season 5 together Brooke Davis"s assistant. She served as among Brooke"s the next friends and also eventually became a design for garments Over Bros and a love attention for Mouth McFadden.

Millie"s character went with ups and downs during her time on the show, specifically as she mental and physical health started to decline due to the pressures of her newfound modeling career. V her friends" help and support, Millie"s health progressively improved and also she eventually chose to action down native the modelling life to take up a place as field reporter. Her marital relationship to fan-favorite Mouth made her a welcome enhancement to the Tree Hill family, and also her friendship v Brooke v the years showed her loyalty and kindness.

9 follow Adams

Chase Adams (Stephen Colletti) ~ above One Tree Hill
chase Adams wasn"t introduced until season 4. He to be the brand-new kid in school and also a brief love interest of Brooke"s. If the 2 of lock didn"t job-related out for really long, he remained friends v everyone and stuck around Tree Hill for the year to come.

Chase and also Brooke establish they were far better as friends, and he walk on to date musician Mia and actress Alex Dupre. As largely a sustaining character, Chase served as a friend and also love attention for other recurring members that the cast. His mentorship through Jamie"s friend, Chuck, in the later on seasons to be a highlight of his story arc, and also gave viewers a glimpse into a various side of follow that wasn"t simply the default love interest.

Brooke's foster daughter Sam played by Ashley Rickards
Sam walker was Brooke"s teenage foster daughter in season 5 that the series. Brooke and also Sam"s bond was a special moment in the series, and noted character development for the adult Brooke Davis.

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Despite Sam"s rebellious ways and teenage snark, she and Brooke became an i can not qualify but great mother-daughter duo, and it was a bittersweet goodbye once she left to reunite through her organic mother. That was difficult to love Sam at very first given her bad decisions and attitude, yet she quickly ended up being a mini Brooke Davis, and also fans couldn"t help but root because that her and for Brooke"s journey as a mother.

7 Victoria Davis

Brooke's mom Victoria feeding one her twins
Brooke"s missing mother Victoria make her first appearance in season 5, providing viewers insight into the tumultuous connection she had with she daughter.

Victoria"s expansion was a slow-burn, v her antagonizing Brooke most of the time she was on-screen. However, the two eventually were maybe to put aside most of your differences and developed a genuine expertise of each other by the series" end, giving Brooke the motherly love she always craved.

Quentin fields was presented in season 5 as one of Haley"s students. Originally disrespectful and unkind, he progressively opened up and also was able to express himself through his love for basketball.

Quentin emerged a strong friendship with Haley and also Nathan"s son, Jamie, revealing a soft point out nobody knew that had. He to be heartbreakingly eliminated by the same male who attacked Brooke at her store, and also his funeral and Jamie"s reaction come his fatality remains one of the saddest moment on the show.

5 Rachel Gatina

Rachel Gatina was a brand-new classmate and also enemy come Brooke Davis in season 3, and eventually became much more of a frenemy come the other students in Tree Hill.

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Rachel"s arc to be a facility one: just when viewers assumed she was coming to be less the a rogue and much more of a girlfriend to the other characters, she would certainly go and also steal Brooke"s money or get married Dan Scott. Nevertheless, Rachel was a fascinating character and an incredibly amazing one, and also the fight in between her and Haley in season 4 is still iconic.

Haley"s older sister Quinn offered as Peyton"s replacement in season 7. Coming turn off a divorce, she bonded through her sister and also her husband and also strived to come to be close to she nephew.

Quinn took a minute come cement her place in the heart of One Tree Hill viewers, but eventually she separated herself from the Peyton archetype and also became her own person. Her relationship with Clay was simple and refreshing, and their union led to a beautiful marriage.

3 Clay Evans

much like just how Quinn was Peyton"s replacement, Clay to be Lucas"s. Not only was the the newest male enhancement to the main cast, he was also Nathan"s friend and also agent, an interpretation he spent a the majority of time in the Scott household.

Clay to be a lot less broody 보다 the larger Scott brother, and he and Nathan seemed to get along a lot better than Lucas and also Nate did at first. Clay"s heartbreaking past and estranged partnership with his child added depth to his character, and watching him autumn in love v Quinn was beautiful and non-dramatic, unequal a most other love stories on the show.

After gift born during high college graduation, Nathan and also Haley"s child Jamie Scott was 5 years old by the time jump in season 5.

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Jamie detailed comedic relief for the staying seasons of the show, and had the ideal parts of both Nathan and Haley"s personalities. His relationships v his aunts and uncles filled the show with healthy moments, like as soon as he said Brooke the she was, "You"re Brooke Penelope Davis!"

1 Julian Baker

Julian Baker was introduced as Peyton Sawyer"s ex-boyfriend, however he quickly ended up being known as the love the Brooke Davis"s life. Despite a rocky start, the two fell in love and also could never stand to it is in apart for long, through Brooke ultimately finding the man she had actually spent so plenty of years browsing for.

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Julian was much less sporty than the other men of the show, instead, showing interest in filmmaking. Also though he began his time on the present as a villain, the was pertained to as a hero by the end, helping lead the fee to Nathan"s rescue in Season 9.

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