The 62-year-old actress is set to star in the sequel to Fifty Shades of Greyas Christian Grey"s (Jamie Dornan) former organization partner and also lover, Elena Lincoln, E! News reports.

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The movie - which also stars Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele - is expected to start production at an early stage next month with the release day currently set for 10 February, 2017.

Meanwhile, the latest instalment of the film will certainly be directed by James Foley after Sam Taylor-Johnson walked far from the project.

Speaking to confirm her leave previously, she said: "Directing Fifty Shades of Greyhas to be an intense and also incredible trip for which i am hugely grateful. I have actually Universal to thank for that. Ns forged close and lasting relationships through the cast, producers and crew and also most especially, with Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan.

"While I will certainly not be returning to straight the sequels, ns wish nothing however success come whosoever takes on the exciting obstacles of films two and also three."

Despite stepping away from the project, Sam admits it to be a "monumental" experience.

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She said BANG Showbiz: "I"m flattered they wanted me come continue. But it to be a monumental job - that was sufficient for me."

See the teaser here:

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