The twenty-first century is the period of digital media. In the world today, presentation is everything, possibly the method you speak, your sense of style, or her lifestyle. Comparable is the story that a Canadian news commentator, Stacey Englehart.

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She is well known in the media of phibìc America as an excellent news commentator. Everyone around the globe loves the charming personality which she has.

The one who has an appealing means of presenting themselves among the massive is constantly loved.

Stacey Englehart, the face of brand power.

Her viewers love Stacey because that the professionalism and also hard work that she put in. The TV and radio reporter is also appreciated because that the satisfied aura she has, capturing everyone’s attention.

Quick facts about Stacey Englehart

Full NameStacey Englehart
Known asThe brand power Host
Date of BirthUnknown
Birth PlaceCampbelton, brand-new Brunswick
Current ResidenceGreater Toronto Area (GTA)
Lucky numberUnknown
Lucky colorUnknown
Lucky stoneUnknown
Height5 feet 6 inches
Eye colorGray
Hair colorBlonde
Skin colorFair
Lucky numberUnknown
Lucky colorUnknown
Lucky stoneUnknown
Marital StatusDivorced/Single
Ex-SpouseZoran Postic
Number of ChildrenOne
Name of childrenUnknown
DatingJohnny Salerno
Best enhance for marriageUnknown
EducationDegree in interaction Arts, Radio transfer College
First JobOn-air hold (95 CKNB)
HobbiesPlaying squash, going outdoors.
ProfessionTV host, Radio host, Voice-over artist, News Director, routine Director
Languages knownEnglish (British and also American), French
Events hostedCanada Winter Games
Radio Networks involvedCKWR 98.5, CHYM FM, 570 News, Z103.5, Jewel 88.5
TV showsBetter life TV, The crowd Funder Show
Company OwnedEnglehart Productions
AwardsRTNDA, gold Toronto sunlight Readers an option awards
Net worth$800 thousands (as that 2020)
Social mediaInstagram, Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter

Stacey Englehart is a happy person full of excitement which deserve to voice any type of sound, even if it is it be a child, one adult, and a sexy. She is for this reason fluent in making announcements in French together well.

The radio journalists have actually charisma in her voice, making her voice envious to many gentlemen and ladies.

Early life and also Education

Stacey Englehart might be a famous challenge for the media, as her experienced life is all connected with media itself. But, she loves to store her an individual life really private.

The radio journalist got her graduation level in communication arts indigenous a Radio transfer College. She has a expertise in radio and also television announcement and news writing and copywriting.

Stacey graduated in the year 1994 and has continued her task as a radio host because then.

Personal life the Stacey Englehart

Since there room no posts or updates about the early on life that Stacey Englehart, So, over there isn’t lot information about her family members or her childhood. She to be born in a tiny town Campelton that Canada, where she obtained her education and also graduation before moving out to Ontario, Canada.

The host hasn’t however disclosed any type of information around her brother also. She got married to Zoran Postic and has a beautiful daughter through him.

As she loves to store her family life not disturbed by the media, information about her daughter is likewise unknown. But, over there are pictures of her through her daughter in numerous social media posts and also online websites.

Zoran Postic, the ex-husband of Stacey Englehart, is a public company officer who dedicated his life come uplifting people’s life through municipal service.

He was promoted to Deputy City Manager that Public functions for the City that Vaughan due to the fact that of his dedication to the people’s service, high energy, and forward-thinking management qualities.

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The marriage of Stacey Englehart

Stacey Englehart was married come Zoran Postic in the visibility of both of your families and also friends. Dating for a year, they ultimately tied the knot. They gained married ~ above September 19, 2009, in Toronto, Ontario.

Stacey had actually a lavish wedding ceremony by the lake in Ontario. They had a nautical themed wedding in monarchs Quay Docks in ~ the foot the The empire Sandy.

The bride Stacey wore a beautiful white gown custom-made by Marina Lemoyne, who also designed the bridal party attire. She makeup to be done by Michelle Willis McAuley that In Your confront Makeup, and Salon college did her hair. Similarly, the groom’s tux was from Freeman.

A glimpse the the nautical themed wedding of Stacey Englehart and Zoran Postic

The bride and also groom plan the wedding ceremony. The flower were native Sandrina Floral, and also the wedding cake to be from

Their ceremony sounded phenomenon indigenous the music played by the team The Builts. Stacey and also Zoran organized their wedding reception party at national Yacht Club.

Sadly, after ~ a few years of together a luxurious wedding, the couple split. They got divorced as they couldn’t enjoy each other company.

The pair also has actually a daughter from their relationship. Now, Stacey stays her life to the fullest with her daughter in the higher Toronto Area (GTA).

Relationships that Stacey Englehart

The romantic relationships of Stacey Englehart are regularly talked about. Her marriage with Zoran Postic didn’t go well as they expected, and also hence, the couple split top top a healthy and balanced note.

Afterward, Stacey was solitary until the year that 2012. This was the date when she met her then an extremely close friend and now boyfriend, Johnny Salerno.

Stacey and also Johnny were terrific friends, and also a year later, they started dating. Due to the fact that the 18th of august 2013, they have been together and are enjoying every other’s agency to the fullest. The rumors have actually it the this couple is walking to obtain married soon.


Career and also Professional life the Stacey Englehart

Stacey Englehart is a reporter by job who at first started journalism as a co-host in a radio show. In her two-decade-long career, she operated as an on-air host, a regime director, a brand ambassador, a news director, a music director, and also a creative director.

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The artist has worked on television shows like far better Living Television and also The crowd Funder Show. She has likewise hosted emceeing events like the Canada Winter games in 2003.