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“Hey, Ms. Parker!” is a line that countless who watched the movie Friday, featuring ice cream Cube and also Chris Tucker, loved and also could recite over and over again.

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Mrs. Parker, played by Hollywood veteran Kathleen Bradley, was the sultry siren neighborhood to ice Cube’s character, Craig. She to be older and an ext mature yet still had actually a human body that could rival any kind of woman two decades younger.

So wherein is she now? Well, she’s 70 years young and also not surprisingly she looks simply as beautiful! What’s her secret? living life stress-free.

Kathleen began her entertainment career early at the period of 8, in her house town the Girard, Ohio, just two miles east of Youngstown. Soon after graduating, Kathleen relocated to Los Angeles where she started winning countless beauty titles, consisting of Miss black California.

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She guest-starred and also co-starred top top such mirrors as Good Times, general Hospital, job of our Lives, Redd Foxx Show, Divorce Court, Amen, and also A different World.


Bradley was additionally a “Barker’s Beauty” top top the daytime video game show The Price Is Right from 1990 come 2000 under hold at the time, Bob Barker. Bradley was the an initial permanent African-American model on the show.

According to Kathleen, Bob Barker fired her after she and some that the various other ‘Barker Beauties’ had actually to testify in a sue filed by their other “Beauty,” Holly Hollstrom, ~ Hollstrom was additionally fired through Bob.

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TheReelNetwork reported that Hollstrom to be allegedly let seek ‘she refuse to go along with his plot come tarnish the call of yet another model top top the display that sued Barker for sexual harassment.’ It was assumed the Barker didn’t choose the testimony the Kathleen and the other ladies gave. “It surprised us when we were

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