Kung Fu Panda cast Guide: that Voices Which character Kung Fu Panda boasts a heavy-duty lineup the voice performers, so exactly how do you understand them? We have actually all the info you need with our actors guide.

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Jack black color Kung Fu Panda
Kung Fu Panda boasts a heavy-duty lineup of exhilaration talent — for this reason where perform you understand the voices from? plenty of locked-down streamers have actually been revisiting the 2008 franchise-starter, a DreamWorks movie about a giant panda who is destined because that martial arts greatness. Since its initial release, Kung Fu Panda has actually spawned three attribute film sequels.

In Kung Fu Panda, the title character Po imagines being component of The Furious 5 — a team of kung fu masters. He lives with his adoptive father, Mr. Ping, that expects the the panda will one day take end his noodle restaurant. Throughout a competition to recognize the prophecized "Dragon Warrior" that will carry peace come the valley, Po manages come launch himself into an arena where Grand master Oogway identify him as a kung fu savior. Native there, The Furious Five and also their mentor Shifu realize that Po has actually a lot come learn. Created for $130 million, Kung Fu Panda earned end $630 million at the box office and received one Oscar nomination for ideal Animated Feature.

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The Kung Fu Panda actors is certain loaded with A-list celebrities, numerous of whom have distinct and also recognizable voices. In the lead role, an American actor develops the comedic tone ideal away together Po, and he maintains a zany kind of power from sequence to sequence. In contrast to the focal length protagonist, the Kung Fu Panda main cast contains actors and actresses who deliver reasonably balanced performances together elder numbers who educate their proteges. Through so numerous unique characters, and also so many large names, there"s a whole lot to gain in the DreamWorks film. Here"s a finish cast and character guide for Kung Fu Panda.

Jack black as Po in Kung Fu Panda
American actor Jack black stars together the protagonist Po, a big Panda who dreams of coming to be a kung fu master.

Black starred together Dewey Finn in School of Rock and also Bernie Tiede in Bernie. He"s the command vocalist because that the band Tenacious D, and recently portrayed Oberon in Jumanji: The following Level.

Dustin Hoffman as Shifu

Dustin Hoffman as Shifu in Kung Fu Panda
American actor Dustin Hoffman voices Shifu, a red panda who teaches Po and also The Furious Five.

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In pop culture, Hoffman is best known for his Oscar-winning lead performances in Rain Man and also Kramer vs. Kramer. The actor an initial rose to prestige in the so late 1960s: After starring as Ben Braddock in the 1967 classic The Graduate, the depicted the memorable conman "Ratso" in the career-defining movie Midnight Cowboy (both functions earned Oscar nominations). Hoffman worked throughout the "70s, "80s, and also "90s, having actually starring duties in assorted iconic movies throughout genres, together as Tootsie, HookOutbreak, and Meet the Fockers. Hoffman recently shown Harold in the 2017 film The Meyerowitz Stories.

Angelina Jolie together Tigress in Kung Fu Panda
American actress Angelina Jolie portrays Tigress, a South China tiger that leads The Furious Five.

Jolie is best known because that starring as the title personalities in the Maleficent and Lara Croft movie franchises. She yielded an Oscar-winning performance as Lisa in Girl, Interrupted, and also will soon show up as Thena in the MCU film Eternals.

Ian McShane together Tai Lung

Ian McShane as Tai Lung in Kung Fu Panda
English gibbs Ian McShane voices Tai Lung, a eye leopard that is the main villain that the film.

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McShane starred as Al Swearengen in Deadwood and also portrayed Blackbeard in Pirates the the Caribbean: on Stranger Tides. The currently appears as Mr. Wednesday in American Gods.

Canadian actor Seth Rogen voices Mantis, a Chinese mantis who is part of The Furious Five.

Rogen starred together Ben rock in Knocked Up and Dale Denton in Pineapple Express. He also portrayed Ira bright in Funny People and Kyle in 50/50. Most recently, Rogen played opposite self in An American Pickle.

Lucy Liu as Viper

American actress Lucy Liu portrays Viper, a green tree viper who is part of The Furious Five.

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Liu is ideal known because that starring as Alex in Charlie"s Angels and O-Ren Ishii in Kill Bill: Vol. 1. She likewise portrayed Dr. Joan Watson in Elementary and Simone Grove in Why females Kill.

American comedian David cross portrays Crane, a red-crowned crane who is component of The Furious Five.

Cross" breakout function was the HBO map out comedy show Mr. Show, which he co-starred in with Bob Odenkirk. After ~ a wire of supporting duties in TV and also film, he portrayed Tobias Fünke in Arrested Development and Rob in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Cross was the main antagonist, Ian Hawke, in the an initial 3 Alvin and the Chipmunk movies. He recently showed up as Pete "The Broker" Oakland in Goliath.

Randall Duk Kim as Oogway

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Kim is finest known for illustrating The Keymaker in The matrix Reloaded and the Continental medical professional in John Wick and John Wick: chapter 3 - Parabellum.

James Hong as Mr. Ping

American actor James Hong portrays Mr. Ping, Po"s father who desires him to run his noodle restaurant.

Hong is a prolific character actor and has appeared in numerous films and also TV series. The portrayed Hannibal Chew in Blade Runner and David Lo Pan in Big problem in little China. He also voiced Chi-Fu in Mulan and also Salt Shaker in Sherlock Gnomes.

Dan Fogler as Zeng

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Fogler depicted Stu in Good luck Chuck and also Randy Daytona in Balls of Fury. He likewise appeared as Jacob Kowalski in Fantastic Beasts and also Where to uncover Them. Currently, Fogler has actually a recurring function as Marvin Goldberg on The Goldbergs, and portrays Luke in The wade Dead.

Michael Clarke Duncan together Commander Vachir

American gibbs Michael Clarke Duncan portrays command Vachir, a Javan rhinoceros who is the warden at Chorh-Gom Prison.

Duncan shown Bear in Armageddon and John Coffey in The green Mile. He also appeared as Attar in Planet of the Apes. Duncan passed away in September 2012 at period 54.

Hong Kong gibbs Jackie Chan voices Monkey, a golden snub-nosed monkey that is part of The Furious Five.

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Chan is an icon of martial arts cinema who is best recognized for starring together Lee in the Rush Hour franchise. Chan delighted in widespread success worldwide for his comedic activity work, and also is recognized for his elaborate stunts, which the gibbs does himself. He likewise starred as Chon Wang in Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights.

The rest Of The Kung Fu Panda Voice Cast

Kyle Gass as KG Shaw: A pig who spots a concerned Po prior to the Dragon Warrior Tournament. Kyle Gass is part of the band Tenacious D v Jack Black. That has showed up in The Cable Guy and also Elf.

JR Reed together JR Shaw: KG"s brother. JR Reed is likewise from Tenacious D. That has showed up in Community and also Black-ish in guest roles.

Wayne Knight as Gang Boss: Wayne Knight shown Newman in Seinfeld and also Nedry in Jurassic Park.

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Laura Kightlinger together Awed Ninja: Laura Kightlinger depicted Tina in Lucky Louie and Nurse Sheila in Will & Grace.

Stephen Kearin as Gong Pig: Stephen Kearin voiced Technician Ben in Monsters vs. Aliens and Mayor in Megamind.

Kent Osborne as Pig Fan: Kent Osborne has showed up in Digging because that Fire and Room 104.

Mark Osborne as Pig Patron: note Osborne directed Kung Fu Panda with John Stevenson. He additionally directed the 2015 animated feature The little Prince.

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John Stevenson as Rhino Guard: man Stevenson co-directed Kung Fu Panda. He likewise directed the 2018 animated feature Sherlock Gnomes.