Folk popular music singer and actress Lily Kershaw’s ‘Soft Dark Nothing‘ was the gorgeous song played appropriate at the finish of the two-hour series finale that the fight crime drama Criminal Minds this mainly — Criminal Minds, Season 15, episode 10, “And In The End“.

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The track was heard together the team say goodbye, and also as lock shut under their office because that the really last time.

And it was not simply Lily Kershaw‘s stunning voice on ‘Soft Dark Nothing‘ the made this the perfect track to close the end this exceptional series. It was also the song’s lyrics:

Goodnight. Goodbye. Good luck. Don’t cry.It’s the leaf of it allIt’s the edge of the allAll my friends in ~ the finish of the world I expect to see you againIt’s the end of this timeIt’s the end of our time

No, you yes, really don’t get much more perfect lyrics than that.

Lily Kershaw’s ‘Soft Dark Nothing‘ is no the an initial song this exceptionally talented singer songwriter has had featured on Criminal Minds either. In fact, she has been a regular over the years through her song being offered for the finales that Criminal Minds periods 7, 8, 9, 10 and also 11, and in assorted other episodes.

And yes, while her father glen Kershaw has actually directed number of episodes of the show, for this reason he was most likely her ‘in’, it doesn’t yes, really matter.

Because every track Lily Kershaw has had used on Criminal Minds has actually been equally as beautiful together this one.


Soft Dark Nothing‘ is native Kershaw’s sophomore album Arcadia, which was released in 2019 under license to Nettwerk Music Group. And also yes, every tune on it is as stunning as this.

Listen come Lily Kershaw’s ‘Soft Dark Nothing’ from the last ever before episode that Criminal Minds in the video below and in the Spotify player. And, if friend cried as you watched those people we have loved because that so countless years lastly say goodbye, it’s pretty lot a given you’ll cry again.

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Lily Kershaw is at this time touring in phibìc America, with a couple of concerts left in February and an ext on right into March. If you have loved her music on Criminal Minds, together so manymillions of civilization have, you may want come head to among her live reflects as well.