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"Kiss You every Over" is a 1978 tune performed by the team Exile, composed by Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn. That was consisted of on the band"s album mixed Emotions, and featured Jimmy Stokley and also guitarist J. P. Pennington on command vocals. ~ above the American top 40 broadcast of might 26, 1979, Casey Kasem reported the Chapman declared his resource of catalyst for "Kiss You every Over" was "It"s Ecstasy when You place Down beside Me" by Barry White. The track was a number one single in the joined States, however proved to it is in Exile"s only large hit in the popular music rock market (they would later on have an excellent success on the nation music charts). It held the number one point out on the Billboard hot 100 for 4 weeks (starting September 30), and also Billboard ranked it together the No. 5 song for 1978. The song also reached number-one in at least three other nations. In the unified Kingdom, the track was released on Mickie Most"s RAK Records, and also peaked in ~ number 6 in the UK Singles Chart. In this song, a wire synthesizer is used. In 2010, Billboard ranked the song nine on its list of "The 50 Sexiest songs Of all Time". Command vocalist ~ above the song Stokley was ousted native the tape in 1979, his health declining thereafter till he died at the age of 41 in 1985. The band moved into country music following the synth-pop success the "Kiss You every Over" and the 1979 follow-up struggle "You Thrill Me" (reaching #40 (UK No. 67)) and "How could This walk Wrong", #88 ~ above the charts. "Take Me Down" peaked at #3 top top the Euro fight 40 in the mid-1980s.more »

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When I gain home, babeGonna light your fireAll day, I"ve been thinkin" around you, babeYou"re my one desireGonna wrap my arms roughly youHold friend close to meOh, babe, ns wanna taste your lipsI wanna be her fantasy, yeahDon"t recognize what I"d execute without you, babeDon"t know where I"d beYou"re no just another loverNo, you"re whatever to meEvery time I"m through you, babeI can"t believe it"s trueWhen you"re layin" in mine armsAnd you do the things you doYou have the right to see the in mine eyesI deserve to feel that in your touchYou don"t need to say a thingJust permit me present how muchLove you, require you, yeahI wanna kiss you all overAnd over againI wanna kiss you all overTill the night close the door inTill the night closes inStay v me, lay v meHolding me, love me, babyHere with me, near with meFeeling you close come me, babySo present me, present me everything you do"Cause baby, nobody does it quite favor youLove you, require you, oh, babeI wanna kiss you all overAnd end againI wanna kiss you all overTill the night closes inTill the night closes inTill the night closes inTill the night closes inTill the night close the door inTill the night closes in

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Exile Exile method to be away from one"s residence (i.e. City, state or country), while either being clearly refused permission to return and/or being intimidated with imprisonment or fatality upon return.

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It deserve to be a kind of punishment and also solitude. Much more »