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At one point, Soulja young reminisces around actual physics contact, yet it"s not that graphic: "Kissing friend in windy / reasoning nothing of it."

Parents require to recognize that this is one R&B-inflected hip-hop love track whose text never acquire steamier 보다 the sincere request of a lovesick protagonist because that his girlfriend come "kiss me with the phone. And, in a leave from his previous offerings, this one is nice clean.

Remember \"867-5309/Jenny\" from Tommy Tutone? Or Blondie"s \"Call Me?\" In numerous ways, Soulja Boy"s solitary KISS ME THRU THE PHONE off his album iSouljaboyTellem is the contemporary rendition that a million love song that discovered the call to it is in a useful an allegory for longing. \"Girl you understand I miss out on you / I simply wanna kiss you\" sings Soulja Boy, sounding like any kind of guy who misses his girlfriend. Including a current technical twist, he sings: \"Text me, speak to me, I require you in mine life, yeah.\"

While lot of his material is not for kids, "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" is a clean selection for teens who desire at least one Soulja Boy song in your playlist. The track comes off choose puppy love.

If there"s any type of cause because that concern, it"s that Soulja Boy"s melodies and also rhymes lack the sophistication that masters prefer Kanye West. Once he sings, "I"ll watch you later on / Kiss me with the phone / check out you when I gain home" you can almost understand why Soulja Boy has actually been lambasted by significant rapper ice cream T for "killing hip-hop." Don"t worry if your teenagers want to listen to this one, yet there are better choices.

Families deserve to talk about hip-hop. Is this song a typical hip-hop song? Why or why not?

Does hip-hop require to have edgy content to it is in cool? can you think the some various other hip-hop songs that have mostly clean content?

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