Entrance themes are extensions of a wrestler"s personality, and here are 10 performers who actually recorded their own entrance music.

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Shawn Michaels famously sang his own theme song, and Micheal Hayes practically made his entire career off singing “Badstreet.” It doesn’t matter whether you’re a heel or a babyface, many wrestlers over the years have gone into the recording studio to perform their own entrance music.

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Whether it was done tongue in cheek or meant to be taken seriously, here are 10 wrestlers you didn’t realize sang their own entrance music.

The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers were one of the most underrated heel teams out there. Jacques and Raymond were so crisp in the ring. They also knew how to be completely annoying heels. They sang their own theme song, “All American Boys,” and headed to the ring waving tiny American flags to get under the skin of the WWE Universe.

If you speak French or have googled the lyrics, then you’re in on the joke, as the Brothers sing in French, “We can’t stand them/They are the worst in the world/We like to anger them when we say ‘We love the USA’.”

Of course, the cocky wrestling version of Derek Zoolander and Rick Martel would sing his own theme song; Tyler Breeze is one of NXT’s original darlings.

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Besides his in-ring skill, he sings “#MMMGorgeous,” with the CFO$. It’s the perfect complement to the arrogant saunter Breeze makes on his way to the ring.

Chris Jericho started Fozzy in 1999. Nowadays, in AEW, his own band’s theme plays him to the ring with the song "Judas." For most of his WWE career, Jericho entered the ring with the Y2J theme that Jim Johnston had composed. But, for the WWE Album "Forceable Entry," he and Fozzy co-founder Rich Ward teamed up with Johnston for a new theme that Jericho used for a while, “Don’t You Wish You Were Me.”

When you’re opening up the show, you need to bring an infectious energy to help get the crowd going and let them hear up for the entire show. During The Expansion Era, few wrestlers did that better than Koko B. Ware. He’d strut and dance to the ring with his faithful bird, Frankie, but he’d also sang his iconic theme song, “The Birdman.” There"s no way to hear this song and not start feeling positive.

With so many different interests, Jeff Hardy has always had a hard time just focusing on wrestling. One of those interests was being the lead singer of the band PeroxWhy?Gen.

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The band had three albums released since 2013. On the debut album, Plurality Of Words, the Charismatic Enigma’s own song "Similar Creatures" served as his TNA entrance song.

Before The Wrestling Album came out in 1985, JYD was strutting down the aisle to Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust.” But, thanks to the album, one of the big time classics on it didn’t just become The Junkyard Dog’s new theme song, but a wrestling dance craze too. “Grab Them Cakes” also features the original Big EDog hamming it up while asking everyone to, well... you know.

Another staple of The Expansion Era was the Hall Of Famer, Hillbilly Jim. With his mammoth frame, beard, and long hair, Jim could have easily been presented as a monster heel for Hulk Hogan to run through. But, instead, he was a fun-loving, big ol" Country Boy. That mentality played out in his own theme song “Don’t Go Messing With A Country Boy.” He’d often have a hoedown in the middle of the ring to the tune.

Years before PCO reinvented himself and became an independent sensation, he had a stint in WWE. First as a pirate, he had greater success as one half of the Quebecers, alongside The Mountie himself, Jacques Rougeau. Rougeau, no stranger to singing his own theme song, sang his third one here. Together, Jacques and PCO sang a variation of the Mountie’s old theme song.

Second-generation star Slick came to the WWE in the mid-eighties, and he, too, sang his own theme song on The Wrestling Album. Written by David Wolff, the song “Jive Soul Bro,” was sung by the Slickster, covering and old hip hop song by Captain Chameleon.

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Just about all of Slicks guys like Akeem and the Big Boss Man came to the ring to Slick’s music. There weren’t many, if any, managers that had their own theme song, and there haven’t been many since.

Scratch your heads and rack your brains all you want, but the Rockers did, in fact, have their own theme song as well. When the Rockers first came to the WWE, their initial feud was with the Rougeaus.

To get under their skin, they recorded a version of their own theme song. Recorded to the tune of “All American Boys,” the Rockers were successful in annoying Jacques and Raymond. But the tune didn’t last very long before the duo settled on their more iconic guitar riff anthem.

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