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"Who the Hell carry out You Think i Am?", likewise refered as "Who The Hell execute You Think us Are?", is a memorable line linked with the character Kamina, native the anime collection Gurren Lagann. due to its boisterous distribution each time in the show, the line has actually gained


The quote originates from the personality Kamina indigenous the anime Gurren Lagann, wherein it became often offered by other characters on the show, albeit each time in a slightly different fashion.

pictured here: no kamina




(work in progress)The quote is popular amongst fans that the show, and has been offered a lot of in Gurren Lagann fanart.


(work in progress)


Republican Congressman Paul Gosar write-ups "Attack ~ above Titan" Intro Parody wherein He, together Eren Jaeger, kills Titan AOC and also Joe Biden

Controversial, "intellectual dark web" varieties including Andrew Sullivan and also Bari Weiss space attached to the college, which together of now offers no levels or credits yet does sell "rigorous debate" on controversial topics.

Smeeg, a household product that demands to be checked 10 times before every use, concerned the Redditor in a dream and also it has because taken off on the /r/196 subreddit.

A cultivation awareness of "GM" in NFT Twitter circles is sparking memes and image macros that gentlemen Pepes and GigaChads speak the catchphrase.

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