Here room the different crew members that the Pequod. The pictures come from the 1956 adaptation of the novel.

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The captain: Ahab. The Captain is the absolute leader of the boat. He directly supervises the 3 mates: Starbuck, Stubb and also Flask. When the ship lowers the whale watercrafts to begin a hunt, each mate is responsible because that a whale boat. In addition to the mate, each whale watercraft has a harpooner as well as four rowers.Starbuck, the an initial mate: that is directly responsible come the captain and also may command the delivery if the captain is not aboard. He is a Quaker (an evangelical community) indigenous Nantucket. The is the just one to oppose Ahab in his quest, yet lacks the courage come organize a revolt or kill his captain.His harponneer is Queequeg, prince that a cannibal island in the southern sea. The beginning of the novel is mostly around his meeting Ishmael and how they came to be friends. He is a really skilled harpooner.Ishmael is one of the oarsmen in Starbuck’s boat.Stubb is the second mate: he comes from Cape Cod, Massachusetts (one that the main whaling areas in America). The is defined as a “happy-go-lucky; neither craven no one valiant; taking perils as they came with an indifferent air”. His harponeer is Tashtego, a native American indigenous Gay-Head, a city of Martha’s Vineyard “which has long gave the surrounding island the Nantucket with numerous of her most daring harpooneers”.Flask, the 3rd mate: a indigenous of Tisbury, in Martha’s Vineyard. “Ashort, stout, ruddy young fellow, an extremely pugnacious concerning whales,who somehow seemed to think the the good leviathans had actually personallyand hereditary affronted him”. That is regularly referred to together “King-Post”, his nickname among the crew as a referral to a little piece that wood supplied in whalers.His harponeer is Dagoo, “a gigantic, coal-black negro-savage” who embarked native Africa.

Pip is the ship-keeper that the boat, due to the fact that he is taken into consideration too weak to go on a whaleboat.

Although Ahab is not supposed to hunt, we soon find out that he has actually hidden crew members in the boat. Castle constitute the crew of his personal boat.

The only member of the crew that is mentioned is Fedallah, a zoroastrian from India. He has actually a strong influence top top Ahab, and also is suspected to be the evil one by the remainder of the crew. That does no exist in the 1956 adaptation the Moby-Dick.

The blacksmith, the cook and the carpenter room three important personalities on a ship. Melville dedicates a chapter to each of them, yet they don’t play a direct role in the hunt of Moby-Dick.

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It is striking how international the crew of the Pequod is. Plenty of different areas of the world are represented, and even the American have various ethnic origins, and also come native the various whaling port of Massachusetts (New Bedford, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard). This is representative that the diversity in whaling. However there is obviously much more than that: during the trip, the Pequod meets sailors from the Isle that Man, France, Iceland, the Netherlands, the Azores, Sicily and also Malta, China, Chile, Denmark, Portugal, India, England, Spain, and Ireland. Melville obviously wanted to represent as plenty of different places as possible, and characters with different natures. Moby-Dick have the right to be viewed as an allegory because that mankind. It has been observed the Melville mentions 44 crew members of the Pequod, however writes several times that they are thirty people. Together they to be 30 claims in the us at that time, Melville was probably willing to indicate the United says with the Pequod.