With wishes of having a much better life, a Lithuanian pair and their family set out to look for the "American Dream", just to uncover out later, the it becomes an "American Disaster". With his freshly married wife, Ona and other loved ones by his side, Jurgis, a Lithuanian immigrant renders his means to Chicago, hopeful that the has uncovered success. Chicago at the time was a really sluggish impoverished society. Most of the agriculture involved meat packing and/or slaughtering hogs. This lifestyle, however, did not dismay Jurgis that ends up acquisition several tasks at these species of factories, especially, as soon as things come to be unfortunate for his family. Jurgis is first introduced come the city of Packingtown, whereby he conveniently finds work and also shelter for his household when they an initial arrive. With an ext than two household members (Jonas, Ona's step-uncle and also Marija, Ona's cousin) working, Jurgis provides a decision to buy a home that he believes is new, however is around 15 year old. The home soon becomes a burden and consumes most of the household earnings because that the expenses incurred. As times acquire harder because that the family, many members are required to seek employment. Antanas, (Jurgis's father) takes component in pack unsafe meat, in spite of that he will shed a section of his wages. Ona obtains a job sewing consist of on hams in a cellar; and also Stanislovas (Teta Elzibeta's son) gets a project working a lard canning machine. Jurgis still hopeful determines that he "will job-related harder" to assistance his family through their hard endeavors.Following the bitter cold winter season and also the death of Antanas, Jurgis suffers severe cutbacks in ~ the factory, top him and also convincing others to sign up with the union .The union meetings come to be a on regular basis attended event for Jurgis and soon he learns English and be...... Middle of record ...... Not choose Jurgis, returned to their indigenous lands in the first decade the the 19th century. Workers had to get over the obstacles that surviving, finding and staying to work while plenty of factories shut down, and obtaining appropriate healthcare. Most women in the workforce, especially, had actually to conquer sexual exploitation by their bosses that were generally men. An instance of this form would definitely be the cases Ona and Marija went through as workers, later on taken advantage of by your bosses and turned right into prostitutes in ~ the regional brothels.

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For those that opposed the harsh conditions, many set out to form organizations and/or sign up with unions that would affect the revolutionary of the capitalistic era. One of those people was Jurgis, who adopted socialism together a way of transforming his life and salvaging the lives of those that were worn down of being oppressed through "wage slavery."