Difference of two numbers is correct as soon as the sum of the subtrahend number and the distinction is equal to the minuend.

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How have the right to you use addition to check the answer of subtraction? How have the right to you use subtraction to check the price of addition?

Addition (+) and subtraction (-) are opposite operations in math, for this reason you can use one to examine the price of the various other one. 

For example 1. 2 + 3 = 5

5 - 3 = 2

The very first way says, if we start with 2 and include 3, we get 5.The second way says, if we begin with 5 and take away 3, we acquire 2. Us are just playing v the exact same numbers forward and backward.



Thus, 6476 - 2365 = 4111 is true together 2365 + 4111 = 6476. Similarly, the sum of 2 numbers is true if the difference in between the sum and the very first number is equal to the second number, i.e., 2365 + 4111 = 6476 is true together 6476 - 4111 = 2365 or 6476 - 2365 is equal to 4111.

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