One the the best blows that CSI Miami had, was through the departure of actress Khandi Alexander as forensic medical professional Alexx Woods. But what exactly happened to her?

The well-known drama that the CBS, CSI Miami, involved an finish after ten periods in 2012, leaving plenty of of the fans wanting much more of his incredible criminal investigation stories. But, during the sixth season a sad leave of the actress was saw Khandi Alexander.

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Khandi Alexander carried the character of Dr. Alexx Woods, one of the forensics that CSI Miami, a personality who always maintained great joy, regardless of the type of occupational she did.

The actress with her character together Dr. Woods to be from the start of the CSI Miami series, she to be the “happy forensic”, through her witty and energy, she preserved all the spectators entertained.

But, throughout season 6 that CSI Miami, the actress Khandi Alexander, decides to leave his character as Dr. Woods, since he wanted to focus on his family.

His last appearance aired on may 5, 2008. Although on February 2, 2009, he reverted in his duty as Alexx Woods because that a guest figure on the episode “Smoke it s okay In her CSI’s”. Quickly to return again prefer Alexx Woods in one-of-a-kind appearances in the episodes “Out that Time” ~ above September 21, 2009 and also “Bad Seed” top top October 19, 2009.

His departure was a punch to the drama, as Coroner Woods was an extremely charismatic and also entertaining. After ~ his departure, his constant appearances opened an excellent mysteries through the lift of Horatio Caine (David caruso) the were revealed little by little.

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