JK Rowling has issued another apology because that killing a well-loved character in harry Potter and also The Deathly Hallows. ~ above the <…>

LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 30: J. K. Rowling attends the press preview that “Harry Potter & The Cursed Child” at royal residence Theatre top top July 30, 2016 in London, England. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, is a two-part West finish stage play written by Jack Thorne based upon an original brand-new story by Thorne, J.K. Rowling and John Tiffany. (Photo by plunder Stothard/Getty Images)
By Victoria Sanusi
May 3, 2018 2:40 pm(Updated July 17, 2020 5:13 pm)

JK Rowling has issued one more apology for killing a well-loved character in bother Potter and The Deathly Hallows.

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On the anniversary the the fight of Hogwarts, the novelist and film producer required to Twitter to apologise for killing Dobby.

The house-elf, who first appears in harry Potter and also the room of Secretswas loyal to Harry, even if the meant placing his life in ~ risk.

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Dobby makes his critical appearance in Deathly Hallows, in which the is killed by Bellatrix Lestrange. The is hidden at shell historicsweetsballroom.comttage, in ~ a headstone bearing the epitaph “Here Lies Dobby, A totally free Elf”.

It's the anniversary again. This year, i apologise because that killing someone who didn't die throughout the #BattleofHogwarts, yet who laid under his life to conserve the people who'd victory it. I refer, of historicsweetsballroom.comurse, come Dobby the house elf.

— J.K. Rowling (
jk_rowling) might 2, 2018

26-year-old, Emmy, who is a Potterhead  indigenous London, called i she remained in shocked when she found out Dobby died.

“It feels prefer a long time back now yet I mental being totally shocked complied with swiftly by devastation,” she said.

She added: “Although JK Rowling made that clear the she no mind death off characters at this allude – I assumed she had already gone far enough by picking off Hedwig and Mad Eye Moody!”

Emmy stated that Dobby was historicsweetsballroom.commpletely undeserving of being killed off. “He to be so innocent and also only ever just want to it is in a cost-free elf and assist people.”

Written beautifully

However, she said: “It was also written for this reason beautifully. It was the very first time I completely realised the the last book wasn’t going to have actually every beloved personality historicsweetsballroom.comme away unscathed – it made the remainder of the book much much more intense!”

When asked what this apology method to Potterheads, Emmy said: “I think this details apology was coherent as Dobby’s death had together an impact on Potter fans earlier when the books and films were first released – it method a lot the the mental behind it every still thinks about the collection and understands just how we feel around these deaths – even years later.”

She claimed that she likes come anticipate that JK Rowling will apologise because that on the anniversary that the battle of hogwart each year. “I love seeing various other fans’ reactions. I think it does lug the fandom together in a way.”

Last year on the anniversary Rowling apologised for killing off Professor Severus Snape.

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OK, right here it is. You re welcome don't start flame wars over it, but this year I'd choose to apologise for killing (whispers)… Snape. *runs because that historicsweetsballroom.comver*

— J.K. Rowling (
jk_rowling) may 2, 2017


When the 52-year-old composed her apology ~ above Wednesday, many fans were deeply moved. As the character had played a part in their lives.