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Favorite Quote:"To die would certainly be one awfully huge adventure."

It was a fine work in Neverland. The Neverbirds were singing, the Mermaids were swimming, the beasts to be being beastly, however the lost Boys and also Peter had actually yet uncovered something come do. Time appeared to pass gradually until, and practically simultaneously, did all the guys jump come Peter’s feet v a devilish grin. Because that what a wicked point did all their minds create? A dangerous dare, the course, at any rate. Peter put down his pipes, and huddled close come The guys waiting for the idea that knew was stirring. Whispers and quiet words were exchanged till the same puckish grin spread throughout his young face. “Fight Hook, friend say?” the pondered, and also touched his chin, “A dare, girlfriend say?” Peter pulled the end his sword and directed the pointer of it in the direction of the boys in former of him, “What a marvelous adventure.” His confront beamed, and shortly after walk the boys and also Peter bid turn off in sue of finding themselves a Captain Jas. Hook. They complied with the leader end every rock, under every tree, v every bushel there’d be, until Peter stopped abruptly. Because that not simply a few short yards in prior of them did lay the Jolly Roger, Captain Hook’s pirate ship. The guys popped your heads with the sheet of the bushes, and quietly learned Hook’s repugnant crew. “You boys can have anyone of those broken down buccaneers, however you leaving Hook to me.” The boys nodded in agreement, and stealthy do their method onto the main port the the Jolly Roger. they waited patiently, a difficult task for a bunch the adolescence boys, until the timing was utterly perfect. Peter elevated his sword and crowed, “Now!” They struck the putrid pirates at full surprise. The fight between boy and buccaneer was extraordinary! Slashing swords, clanking cutlasses, burning bombs... Till every last pirate was rounded up and also tossed in the brig. All that was left currently was Hook, and he had been declared by Peter. Peter flew around the corner and also met Hook’s sword v a according to clang! ago and forth, next to side, Peter flew circles about the old codfish. The tired and also dismal Hook take it one critical dash, and also with that last dash Peter reduced off his hand right. Hook fainted in ~ the sight of his own blood, and also Peter crowed loud and proud to The shed Boys. “I have actually beat the Hook!” he exclaimed v a joyous account, “I’m the best there ever before was!” Peter flew down, and into the shed boys scattering lock about, laughing through glee. He had actually not however realized that Hook’s appropriate hand quiet dangled from his sword, but when he did, that plucked turn off the pale skinned affair and also tossed it to the hungry crock that had actually been circling claimed ship transparent the entire battle. V one gulp the crocodile took down his hand, and developed a taste that just the remainder of Hook’s self can cure. The guys took turn off after that, in finish success, back to adhering to the leader for more countless adventures. and also that is just how Peter Pan reduced off the dastardly Captain Jas. Hook’s hand. The End.


© Kelly D., Chester, NY
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I might never discover a story explaining in detail how Peter very first cut turn off Captain Hook's hand, therefore I chose to create it myself for my shear love Peter Pan.