Why walk Pope Gregory VII and also Henry IV come right into conflict?Henry IV tried to pressure the pope come relinquish his position.Pope Gregory VII want Henry IV come resign as emperor.Henry IV believed he had actually the government to choose church officials.Pope Gregory VII believed that just he could act on instead of of God.

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Which finest describes the primary cause of the good Schism?An Italian was chosen pope.The papacy was moved to Avignon.The French elected their very own pope.An Italian monarch appointed bishops.
Why was Pope Leo III"s crowning of Charlemagne significant?It developed the Church together a politics force.It verified that the Church could make political decisions.It suggested that the pope had much more power 보다 monarchs.It proved that the pope was ruling the holy Roman Empire.
How did faith unify middle ages society?by creating laws comparable to federal government lawsby creating authority over kings and noblesby consisting of all society classes in the spiritual communityby claiming only the Church had ultimate spiritual authority
Why walk Henry IV beg the pope for forgiveness?He wanted to gain much more control together emperor.He realized the good power that the Church.He known that he had committed a sin.He had few resources to fight turn off challengers.
Why was cutting board Aquinas necessary to the Church?He to be an Italian noble.He was a Dominican priest.He was a an excellent educator that taught religion.He was a scholar who wrote come defend spiritual ideals.
One way church orders straight benefited the Church was byadministering the sacraments.raising money for the Church.encouraging members to care for others.providing a ar for devout people to serve.
Why go the Church sponsor universities?to educate the usual peopleto train loyal government workersto teach priest theology and canon lawto build the expansion of academic thinking
How walk the monarch of France different from the emperor of the divine Roman Empire?The monarch to be excommunicated by the pope.The monarch openly defied a decision through the pope.The monarch owed his strength to his faithful nobles.The monarch had to compromise v the Church.

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What to be the major effect of the good Schism?The Church elected a new pope.The Church was permanently weakened.The Church instituted widespread reforms.The Church had a lengthy conflict with a king.



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