The Cleveland Show's surprised Cancellation described The Cleveland present is a family members Guy spinoff concentrated on the titular character however here"s why it was cancelled in 2013 after four seasons.

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Here"s why The Cleveland Show to be cancelled after ~ season 4. In an alternate universe, Family Guy is a cult man sitcom the was prematurely canned in its 3rd season ago in 2002. Thanks to solid DVD sales and a cultivation fanbase it was miraculously resurrected in 2005 and also has to be running ever since. The resounding success likewise made creator Seth MacFarlane a hot property and also he went on to co-create American Dad!, which has actually now lasted because that seventeen seasons.

MacFarlane also branched out to movies with blended success, scoring a significant hit v Ted and also a miss with A Million methods To die In The West. He"s right now living out his Trekkie fantasies by playing the lead in well-received sci-fi comedy The Orville. In ~ the height of Family Guy"s success it to be only herbal for the network to effort a spinoff, which caused The Cleveland Show. The collection centered ~ above Peter"s neighbor and friend Cleveland Brown (Mike Henry) and his son moving earlier to his hometown. He and also his ex-girlfriend Donna (Sanaa Lathan) reconnect and also the two quickly marry, and they need to learn how to be a family members with their corresponding children; the show likewise has a talk bear called Tim, due to the fact that of course.

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The Cleveland Show"s comedy was very much in the vein that Family Guy, but its formula never ever gelled in the very same way. The series had the moments, consisting of a recurring role for David Lynch as the bartender that The damaged Stool. Still, it never quite obtained the very same popularity together its mother series, and also towards the end of its fourth season rumors began to swirl it wasn"t going to return for an additional year.

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While this reports were initially denied, The Cleveland Show was at some point cancelled. The reasons it didn"t with a fifth season space pretty straightforward - its ratings gradually dipped through each passing collection and reached a low throughout season 4. It appears the final two periods of The Cleveland Show can have been produced solely come nudge it in the direction of the syndication threshold, which that just around reached through 88 episodes in the season 4 finale.

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If The Cleveland Show had returned for a 5th season, it most likely would have been to push it end 100, which is frequently considered the gold number. Cleveland and his family members didn"t discover themselves out of occupational for long, however, together they joined the actors of Family Guy again in season 12. Mike Henry announced in 2020 that he to be stepping under from the function of Cleveland in the wake up of the black Lives issue protests, stating that a character of color should it is in voiced by civilization of color; the duty has yet to it is in recast, though actor Wendell Pierce has stated an interest in acquisition the part.