What does a Career together a Music Teacher Entail?

A music teacher instructs college student in basic music concepts and also usually teaches band, orchestra, choir, or a combination of these at schools or may teach vocal or critical when providing private lessons.

In addition, music teachers might work complete time, part-time, or anytime they select (if giving private lessons). They might work in a variety of setups that include:

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from their house At their students house private music colleges Elementary, Middle, or secondary Schools Colleges or universities Music Conservatory"s

In order to provide instruction in ~ a windy school, all prospective teachers will require a bachelor’s degree and also more. For music teachers, the degree should either be a bachelor’s in music or in music education and learning where courses may include early on childhood music, choral conduction, and musical theory.

To accomplish certification requirements, you will also need to complete a state-approved teacher preparation regime that have the right to take indigenous one to 2 years however can be studied at the very same time while earning your bachelor’s.

It is additionally important to obtain some real-world suffer as a teacher the music, therefore, student teaching sessions may also be included.

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Steps to ending up being a Music Teacher

Step 1: obtain a bachelor’s level in music education and learning from one accredited college or university and also complete a teacher preparation regime

Step 2: finish a music teaching internship because that your desired grade level

Step 3: pass state exams forced for prospective music teacher

Step 4: achieve a teaching certificate


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Music teachers have the right to work in a variety of settings. Some instructors room able to choose their own hrs by providing private music lessons from home, at their very own studio, in your student’s home, or also online, where others may work a regular 9 to 5 project teaching music in publicly schools, personal charter schools, music schools, and also more.

However, the most common workplace because that a music teacher is at a college where they might be to teach an orchestra class, a marching band, a choir, or basic music classes to youngsters of all ages. In addition, Music teachers usually placed in a the majority of overtime because that after institution concerts, events, and other programs.

The value of a music teacher can vary widely relying on experience and/or the location of the school they work-related at. Public colleges are sponsor by the district"s taxpayers. Needless come say, wealthier neighborhoods pay more; therefore, music teachers deserve to expect come earn more at these locations.

Private vocal coaches deserve to earn significantly much more as they might work for recording studios or specialists in the music industry, giving singing lessons to aspiring or created artists.

Once they are able come advance, music teacher can become music professors, principles, or deans that schools. Some may additionally move ~ above to become a music artist or a studio musician.

Potential career Paths

The range of work for a certified music teacher will usually consist of teaching children music in different classes from grades K-12 or, since they room certified music teachers, they may have the ability to teach an easy classes similar to an mean music teacher. Part music teachers add to their revenue by giving private great from house or from their very own private music studio whereby others may also offer digital classes for students come learn exactly how to sing, play an instrument, or other.

However, the most usual jobs for a music teacher room to construct and lead a school’s marching band, orchestra, or a choir, as well as teaching youngsters general music values and details instruments or vocals. Follow to the nationwide Association because that Music Education, early on childhood music educators earn everywhere from $6 to $60 every hour and studio music teacher earn everywhere from $10 to $100 every hour.

The U.S. Room of job reports the in 2004, music teachers working full time at primary school and an additional levels earned wages that ranged from about $29,000 come $70,000 annually and also college art, drama, and music teachers earned a median annual salary that $50,000.