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If you occur to it is in an avid baseball fan, friend may have noticed the all significant League Baseball gamings seem to start at weird times. Because that example, why is it that baseball gamings start in ~ 7:05 or 7:08 rather of the typical 7:00? Why does there constantly seem to it is in that usual 5-to-8-minute delay?Major organization Baseball games start at odd times for the following reasons:Traditional Pregame ActivitiesPlayer Warmups and also StretchingAnnouncement of beginning LineupsHonoring a Special previous Player, Fan, or Military service MemberTV Network Contract Obligations (*Biggest reason*)Provides the functioning Fans Extra TimeTo learn an ext about the odd begin times in significant League Baseball, and also a full break down of the factors for these weird start times, keep reading!
Contents1 What are few of the classic Pregame activities for baseball?2 Why execute MLB players heat up and also stretch before games?3 Why execute they announcement the beginning lineup prior to every game?4 exactly how does the house team honor a special guest such as a certain fan or military organization member?5 What are the most common start times because that a major League Baseball game?6 What is the best reason why MLB games start in ~ odd times?7 perform Not Forget about the typical Working Fan8 related Questions8.1 Do other Sports begin at strange Times?8.2 how long do baseball gamings last on average?8.3 What should a fan carry to a baseball game?

What are some of the traditional Pregame activities for baseball?

Baseball is a video game that is built on traditions. A good deal the these heritages take place prior to the very first pitch the the game. For example, the nationwide Anthem is sung before each MLB game which generally takes about 5 minute of time. Also, a pregame prayer or minute of quiet is observed before the video game begins. Every one of these things have tendency to hold-up the game’s begin time by a few minutes.The singing of America’s national Anthem prior to each significant League Baseball game has to be a long-standing tradition. This pregame activity became renowned during world War II together a way of honoring folks that were offer in the military. Part baseball purists believe that the very first National Anthem was sung throughout the 7th inning stretch the the 1918 civilization Series. However, various other baseball historians believe the first National Anthem to be sung in 1897 for opening Day in Philadelphia.Also, during special occasions the begin time the a baseball video game may acquire delayed. Baseball teams love to honor their previous players and also often usage some minutes prior to the video game to carry out this. This frequently occurs if a baseball team’s former player was freshly inducted right into the Baseball hall of Fame. The team often gives players and their family members a framed jersey and the crowd responds through cheers and a stand ovation.

Why execute MLB players heat up and stretch before games?

Players interact in some light jogging and various full body stretches to aid prevent any kind of injuries. Every baseball players communicate in pregame warmup activities a couple of minutes before the very first pitch. Players will play light gamings of capture to gradually warm up your throwing arms. As we have discussed in a previous blog post, plenty of hitters choose to beat casual gamings of Pepper prior to the video game starts to obtain their eyes offered to see the ball.

Why perform they announcement the starting lineup before every game?

The PA Announcer for the residence team will constantly go end the starting lineups for each team before the game. This additionally tends come take around 5 minute of time which frequently delays the first pitch. The beginning lineups are announced mainly to educate the pan of that is play that day and also to gain the crowd pumped up for the game!

How go the house team honor a special guest such together a particular fan or military company member?

The home teams typically ask an “honorary guest” come throw out the ceremonial first pitch prior to the game starts. Most of the time this honorary guest is a former player, a unique fan who has down great work in the community, or a military service member that has dealt with for the country. Also, the existing presidents in ~ the time have actually thrown out the ceremonial an initial pitch during MLB’s well-off history. William Howard Taft began this tradition method back in 1910 when he threw out the ceremonial very first pitch to celebrate opening Day for the Washington Senators. Franklin Delano Roosevelt threw out a ceremonial first pitch a document 8 times!

What space the most common start times for a major League Baseball game?


Though over there is no necessarily a most typical start time because that a baseball game, few of the most typically used begin times space 7:05, 7:08, and also 7:15 (these examples are Eastern typical Time). This cadence is repetitive every hour until the West coast games begin in the Pacific standard Time Zone. America has 4 distinctive time area of Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific so the is why begin times that baseball gamings tend to differ so much. Also, major League Baseball schedules numerous day games, particularly on the weekends. Popular weekend begin times room 1:05, 1:07, 1:10, and also 1:15. The Chicago Cubs are famous for often scheduling much more day games than any other Big-League team. This is a huge tradition for the Cubs since for the longest time their residence stadium the Wrigley ar did not have lights!

What is the greatest reason why MLB games start in ~ odd times?

Though the over reasons space all valid, the greatest reason MLB games start in ~ odd times is because of TV contract obligations. Below are a couple reasons why the TV networks want to start the baseball games at strange times.Commercial break– The start of a baseball game is regularly when the many fans are watching the video game on TV. The tv networks and also their team of executives understand that this is a element time to run their ideal commercials because that their greatest paying advertising clients. Viewership often decreases sharply as baseball gamings go along since it take away so lengthy to complete a complete game. In fact, the median baseball game usually takes at the very least 3 hrs to complete! The TV marketing experts are well mindful of this, for this reason they press the start time ago by a few minutes. Significant League Baseball has also explored means of shortening the games in wishes of sparking more of an interest from younger generations.MONEY– as with most things in sports and in life, money is the driving factor behind many decisions. The is no various when it comes to major League Baseball and the odd begin times. The TV networks know that the longer their particular broadcast lasts, the much more money lock can carry in from proclaiming dollars. Think about how much much more money the TV networks obtain to make by simply starting the game at 7:08 rather of 7:00. Eight small minutes may not sound favor a most time, however as the saying goes, “Time is Money!” because that example, the going rate for a 30-second commercial throughout Game 7 of the 2016 World series was $674,000!

Do no Forget about the median Working Fan

Another reason that baseball gamings start in ~ odd time is to allow fans who might be to run a tiny late due to their job-related schedule. In America, the median workday lasts until at the very least 5:00 or 6:00. By the time the median working pan drives to the ballpark, finds a location to park, and also waits in line because that a warm dog and also a beer it will be cut it nearby to video game time! The extra 5 come 8 minutes enables for these liven working specialists to find their seats before the an initial pitch is thrown!Also, we have to remember the unlike professional football, i beg your pardon is played mostly on the weekends, professional baseball is played virtually every day! many folks perform not occupational on the weekends, so the NFL go not have actually to concern the method the MLB does around the working fans finding your seats ~ above time. The TV networks likewise want to allow the extra couple of minutes because that the baseball pan to acquire home native work and be may be to song in come the video game on time.

Related Questions

Do various other Sports start at weird Times?

Unlike major League Baseball, other skilled sports (such together the NFL, NBA, and NHL) typically follow a much more standardized script of game start times. For example, all early NFL games kickoff in ~ 1 afternoon Eastern typical Time. Every afternoon NFL games start at either 4:05 or 4:25, and also there is only one night video game on Sundays at 8:20.

How long do baseball games last top top average?

According to records kept by major League Baseball because that the 2019 season, the average game lasted 3 hours, 5 minutes, and 35 seconds. MLB executives have actually explored ways of reducing the length of gamings such as minimal mound visits every game and shaving off some of the rest time in between innings.

What should a fan bring to a baseball game?

Here space 3 the the most useful items to bring to a significant League Baseball game:Baseball Glove– This is useful to capture a foul round as a souvenir. Also, the gloves will aid protect you and also your date from getting hit through a scorching line drive if you room sitting close to the field.Umbrella and also Rain Suit– examine your neighborhood weather forecast prior to driving to the ballpark. If over there is a chance of chain, an umbrella and also raincoat will help you stay dry.

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Sunscreen– If you space attending a game in one open-air stadium and not a dome, please wear and also bring sunscreen to protect against a attention sunburn. This is specifically important for center of the day games during the summer months.See Also:How long Does one Inning critical in Baseball top top Average?Why space Baseball players Fat: tardy or Reality?Why perform MLB Players use Wooden Bats? (Explained)Why Is Baseball So famous In Taiwan?