Food is the important and simple component of our life. It gives us through all the crucial nutrients choose fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, proteins, etc., and also we already know the to stay alive, we need food. But the question right here arises, why carry out living organisms need food? every the nutrients existing in food carry out energy to the human body of life organisms which is more used for our body metabolism, and our body attributes properly. We will uncover answers come this question in information below.

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How Food helps Our Metabolism?

All life organisms require food to continue to be alive, grow, and get energy. When food is consumed, our human body starts functioning, and also our organs begin functioning once food and also energy are supplied.

Here room some clues why organisms need food to aid our body’s metabolism:

Points – Why do Organisms need Food?

#. To gain energy and also to do life processes, organisms must take food.

#. To do life processes prefer respiration, digestion, excretion, blood circulation, and also reproduction, organisms require energy and also nutrients.

#. Food intake also helps to build immunity to fight versus infectious diseases.

#. The blood that the life organisms likewise absorbs the an important nutrients native food, and also it plays a significant role in healing the wound and curing conditions that strike the organisms.


Hence, food theatre a superior duty in appropriate functioning, maintaining, and developing life organisms.

Living things require food to grow, as it has the nutrient which ours body demands to change worn-out cells, continue to be healthy, and stay strong. Every life organism demands food because that the very same reasons. Organisms favor plants and animals have actually special guts or parts to absorb the nutrients from the food us eat.

Let’s dig right into details on plants and animals a tiny more.


Plants use various nutrients like sugars, fats, and proteins to grow and also stay healthy. Plants space self-reliable. They produce these nutrients themselves v the help of sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water. Tree are important to the animals that eat these plants as they pass self-produced nutrients.

Plants also absorb many much more nutrients favor salts, potassium, starch, minerals, nitric acids, and also phosphates indigenous soils. Once living biology die and also rot in the ground, the nutrient in the dead organisms end up in the soil and get dissolved in it.


As we have debated above, animals also need nutrient to survive, and also some the them acquire it from eat plants, conversely, some get it by eating other animals.

Animals that gain nutrients by eat other pets are referred to as carnivores. Such animals are frequently predators. Aquatic animals (such as fish) eat tiny water insects, plankton, worms, etc. And also larger animals eat other little animals.

In some various other cases, organisms prefer fungi obtain their food by breaking down nutrients in organic matter.

Reasons Why living Organisms need Food

Let’s now comment on in detail the factors why living organisms need food.

Organisms require food since of the an important nutrients existing in them. Those nutrients are crucial to carry out the various bodily features properly. Different essential body functions are necessary to do properly, and also those are as follows: –

#1. Respiration

Each organism performs different functions v the cells present in their body, and also for this objective, it needs energy which we get from food. Our human body performs different functions indigenous the food together it is the stored power released throughout respiration. Respiration is how we inhale the air well-off in oxygen and exhale the air v carbon dioxide. The air we inhale, oxygen, is climate transported to all the body parts and ultimately to each cell.

The oxygen we inhale is carried into beat by the cell for respiration. The food us eat is then broken down into the cell of one organism with the relax of energy, i m sorry is called cellular respiration.

#2. Digestion

Though we recognize that we require food to get energy, what we eat is a complex substance together the components of food such as carbohydrates are complex which can not be spend directly. Hence, they must be damaged down into easier substances. Therefore, digestion is the procedure of breaking down facility substances into much easier substances. There are various methods of digesting food, i beg your pardon is, physical method- it consists of chewing and also grinding that food in the mouth, and the chemistry method- it is the enhancement of digestive juices through the human body itself.

#3 Transportation

Basically, words transport way to bring things native one location to another. So is the situation with life organisms. Organisms need nutrients to lug out various life processes, yet what is the usage of nutrient if that gets soaked up at one location only. Therefore, the body additionally needs to transport the nutrients from one part of the body to another. They additionally need come transport and also remove the waste assets produced during various functions of the body. All in all, transportation is the process in which the material is soaked up in one organ and is then lugged to an additional organ of the body.

#4 Excretion

As we know, the food we consume gives us the energy to perform various functions, one of which is excretion. The human body of living organisms additionally produces waste choose carbon dioxide, urea, sweat, faeces, etc., during various body functions that have to be excreted indigenous the body. Life organisms have different organs come perform various functions. Similarly, the person body has lungs, kidneys, and sweat glands to excrete the waste. Therefore, we deserve to say that excretion is the removed of waste materials developed by the cells of living organisms.

#5 Reproduction

All life organisms have actually the potential come reproduce during their lifespan. The procedure of creating the new organism native the parent organism is called reproduction. They produce brand-new organisms the are duplicates of your parents. The process of reproduction is just one of the necessary life procedures which also requires energy. Therefore, food is required for the procedure of reproduction as well. Reproduction is crucial for the continuity of the species, as it rises the number of members that a species.

The above mentioned are some of the simple functions which living organisms perform, and these space the answers come why do living organisms need food. Life organisms require energy to do these functions properly, and the energy can be obtained from a well-balanced diet only.

Overall, we deserve to say that food is the straightforward component that life together it is written of various nutrients and proteins. That is compelled by every living organism to achieve nutrients to get the power required through the human body to perform various functions in a much an ext efficient manner.



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