I am at this time taking Atomoxetine – a medication provided to law ADHD in adults. Ns take 40mg once everyday in the morning and also it really helps me come concentrate much better and role the way I need to etc…

One of the main problems I have is the impact it has actually on mine penis and testicles. For part reason once taking this meds my testicles retract right up right into my body, together does my prick – v the only method to return that to regular being come bathe in a hot bath for 20 minute at a time, and also even then things still don’t completely calm down and also just retract again after ~ a while…

Normally this wouldn’t bother me, yet me and my companion are make the efforts to start a family, and also I’ve been worried lately the the meds are resulting in my low sperm count, and also caused lock to mitigate in dimension over the last number of months.

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As you can imagine this is very frustrating. Ns cannot protect against taking the medication because it helps me function properly, and also without it I simply cannot cope. Ns have additionally tried alternate medications to check out if they work and Atomoxetine, however unfortunately lock don’t due to the fact that I have adverse results or side effects to them.

As I know it – that is the project of the Cremaster muscle to regulate the way the penis and testicles retract, and so clear this way either the meds space messing with my Hypothalamus in my brain and resulting in my mind to think mine testicles space cold, or they are aggravating mine Cremaster muscle and making it constantly contract – lifting the testicles up.

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The retraction lasts all v the day, and also only really relaxes in the direction of the evening, and so ns hope that throughout the night mine testicle should be reasonably “normal” again, but I really require to uncover a “sperm friendly” way of be sure the Cremaster muscle to watch if this is what is causing the consistent retraction….

Are there any type of known medicines or techniques to usage that will relax the Cremaster muscle safely? i don’t really desire to keep having actually to take long hot baths which obviously are more likely to death sperm faster and also cause an ext fertility issues?

I’ve so much seen 3 Urologists, had actually three testicular ultrasounds, had actually testosterone levels checked, had actually my prostate checked, had blood and urine tests and also a hormone dashboard which I had done simply today for this reason hopefully that will display if anything is walking haywire through my hormones etc…

I’m so confused and annoyed – ns really want to get to the bottom that this! any kind of ideas?

In case it helps, i’m 22 years of age, was standing 5.3 feet tall and also weighing approximately 12.5 stones i beg your pardon is approximately 175 pounds (79 Kilos)


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I am having actually a comparable problem, not so much with retracting but with excrutiating pain in my groin.  So much I have actually not found any kind of information relating to this side effect and like friend the medicine otherwise is working great,  I don't understand if to continue taking strattera together I don't recognize if this will certainly lead to an additional condition or it will get far better as I get used come the medication.  Any luck v your issue?