Hamlet"s main reason because that feigning insanity is the he wants to inspection the suspicious nature the his father"s death without Claudius suspecting that he to know the truth. 

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It"s essential to note that some literary analysts don"t think Hamlet"s wildly is an act but that the is literally driven crazy by his life i beg your pardon is spinning the end of manage on every fronts. Still, rather do believe it"s an act.

Hamlet is visited beforehand in the pat by...

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It"s vital to note that some literary analysts don"t think Hamlet"s insanity is an act yet that he is literally thrust crazy by his life which is spinning out of control on every fronts. Still, rather do think it"s an act.

Hamlet is visited beforehand in the pat by his father"s ghost, that asks Hamlet to avenge his killing by killing his brother and also Hamlet"s uncle, Claudius. Hamlet yes, really doesn"t understand whether to think the ghost because that a while, and he stalls because that time. In the meantime, Ophelia, who he appears to have been genuinely nearby to before the play"s opening, reports all Hamlet"s "strange" plot to she father and also Claudius. Additionally, Rosencrantz and also Guildenstern, previous friends the Hamlet, are employed by Claudius and Polonius to watch over Hamlet and also report ago to them. His mother has hastily married this same murderous uncle and goes for this reason far regarding tell Hamlet that he has actually "insulted father" (III.iv.10).

Hamlet doesn"t know whom he have the right to trust besides Horatio. His world is full of potentially murderous, lying, backstabbing former friends and also family. If he wants to satisfy the wishes of his father, he needs to buy some time to inspection the claims.

Hamlet is intelligent and talented in wordplay. Thus, the crafts a brand-new image for himself so that all those employed come spy top top him will certainly be thrown off course in his true purpose: carefully investigating the ghost"s claims about Claudius.

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It works. Most of the characters are perplexed by Hamlet"s actions, and Hamlet does uncover that Claudius is the murderer the his father"s ghost claimed. Thus, his actions of insanity present Hamlet"s ability in navigating a civilization that he cannot trust in bespeak to find out the truth.