It’s autumn, the season that change! tree are transforming to excellent colors, noting the time for hot cocoa and warm coats. The lengthy days that summer are previous us, and also each day will be much shorter than the last. But… why does this happen? Why space days getting shorter in the loss (and winter), as opposed to the summer? transforms out, it’s all around the earth’s axis and also its path approximately the sun.

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It’s worth noting that human being in the northern and southern hemispheres endure opposite trends. Those life in the northern hemisphere experience much longer days and much shorter nights in the summer and the the contrary in winter — while because that those in the southerly hemisphere, the precise opposite is happening. This isn’t a random phenomenon, there’s a specific reason behind it. The happens due to the fact that the Earth’s axis isn’t perpendicular (straight under at a 90-degree angle) come its orbit, however it’s rather tilted simply a bit.

So, together the world orbits the sunlight every 365.25 days, occasionally the north hemisphere is closer come the sun (summer) while periodically it is farther far (winter). To explain why days are longer in summer and shorter in winter, let’s very first take a look in ~ the two ways our planet is rotating all the time and the aftermath behind it.


The earth spins around its axis, or the imaginary line running through the North and South poles, every 24 hours. This way that at any given moment, one part of the planet is encountering the sun and experiencing daytime, if the opposite side is not, and experiences nighttime. The Earth additionally orbits the sun, perfect a change every 365.25 days.

Now, imagine a airplane that connects the center of the sun and of the Earth. If the axis that the world was right up and down in ~ 90 levels to this plane, the length of time every hemisphere spent facing the sunlight would always equal the length of time dealing with away. But this isn’t the case. Instead, the axis is tilted slightly, in ~ 23.5 levels to be exact.

This tilt is constantly pointed in the same direction in space, towards Polaris (the so-called north Star), even as the earth travels in a circle around the sun. This translates into the north hemisphere gift closer come the sun (summer) or farther away (winter) throughout earth yearly orbit.

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Depending on where you space on the planet, the distinction in the length of the job from season come season have the right to be larger or smaller. That’s likewise related come latitude, which says how far a point on a world is in relationship to the equator.

Higher latitudes space closer come the poles, when 0 levels in latitude is the equator itself. But as the earth is a sphere, the greater latitudes close to the poles are already curving far from the Sun and therefore receiving much less sunlight every 24 hours. It is the reason for the poles staying cooler than the remainder of the planet. With an extra 23.5-degree tilt far from the Sun, a pole receives less light and will only experience a short home window of daytime.

Equinox and solstice

Equinoxes and also solstices are not only vital dates in the calendar but also in the journey of Earth around the Sun.

They are provided to summary the transitional periods in between the periods — when winter changes to spring, summer come autumn, and so on. Exactly how long days and nights are will depend on the position of the sun in the relationship to the Earth.

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The equinox happens double a year and marks the as soon as the amount of day-time we get is equal to the lot of night time we gain — the work is equal to the night. This takes location when the sunlight is positioned right over the equator. It wake up usually around the 20th that March, i m sorry is the feather equinox, and also again around the 22nd the September, recognized as the autumn equinox.

The native equinox actually originates from two Latin words, “equi-” which way equal and “nox” definition night. So, indigenous the work of the spring equinox, the day is longer than the night and also from the work of the loss equinox, the night becomes much longer than the day.

The equinox, by definition, falls on the day once the facility of the sunlight is in ~ the horizon, and both day and night last 12 hrs each. However, the peak edge the the sunlight (not the center) is visible first on sunrise. In spring, this method that the time when day and night room actually equal comes before the equinox — it’s known as the equilux, indigenous the Latin word “lux” meaning light.

Meanwhile, the solstice also takes ar twice a year. Yes sir a summer solstice around the 21 June in the northern Hemisphere and also a winter solstice about the 21 December. Throughout the summer solstice, the northern hemisphere experience its longest period of daylight in a year. During the winter solstice, that sees the longest night the the year. So while the equinox point out the day when the day and also night room equal, the solstice point out the best difference in between the day and the night.

Credit Flickr Taro Taylor

The sunlight is in ~ its highest point in the skies in the middle of the day throughout the summer solstice. This is reversed throughout the winter solstice — in ~ noon the sun is at its shortest of the year.

In northern locations this adjust is extreme, and also some areas can experience continuous daylight (or night time) because that months.

Every September, the northern hemisphere officialy beginning autumn, and from that allude on, every day has one less minute that daylight, culminating in the winter solstice. It could not seem prefer a lot, but over the food of a month it adds approximately half-hour of lost daytime. Then, as in many of the US, you can be setup your clocks ago an hour for the finish of daylight savings time.

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Dealing with shorter days

Understanding why days are much shorter in loss is one thing, but an additional thing is handling its handy consequences. That not simple task, the changing day size has marked effects on your physical and mental health. We get long stretches of daylight and late sunsets throughout the summer, yet all the is set to change. Adjusting have the right to be tough, yet there are methods to do it easier.

Exercise. Yes nothing that increases the mood like endorphins. That the first line of defense against seasonal and clinal depression. Doing any sort that exercise can work marvels for her disposition. If you want to make the most of the daylight, the best bet is to discover time because that an the end workout during your lunch hour or early in the morning.Go come bed beforehand and set up a routine. If you room going to wake up up at an early stage to exercise you should technique yourself come an previously bedtime. Even if you’re no planning to wake up up early on for a workout, getting sufficient sleep is always important to keep you in a an excellent mood and healthy psychological state, however even more so in the winter with less sunlight.Plan a holiday as soon as in a while. It could be good to acquire some summer somewhere south of the equator. If girlfriend need much more sunlight, then arrangement a beach vacation for the darkest time of the year. Chilly locations don’t necessarily average dark places. Girlfriend could plan a ski or snowboarding holiday out West in Colorado or Utah and still need to pack her sunscreen.Get outside, even when the cold. Yes no such point as cold weather, only weather for which friend haven’t pull on appropriately. You deserve to still have actually lunch in the park or a morning run, also if it’s cold. Or even spend one evening through friends. We can feel favor entering hibernation if it’s as well cold, but that doesn’t have to be the case — we can still store ourselves energetic throughout.