Anyway, various heroes have actually capes for assorted reasons; some wear lock to represent their rank, some for symbolism, and others since it just plain looks cool. In the end, the boils down to costume design more than practicality. Some costumes look at fit because that a cape, and for others, ns not sure why they wear a cape in ~ all. Space they necessary? no always, however again the bottom heat is what objective it serves and whether it makes sense in regards to the character.

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The Batman suit is the biggest example of a cape that puts in work, and also it’s a substantial staple in ~ the comic. He deserve to swirl his cloak about him to distract and also confuse his enemies. It provides cover native the enemy and also is periodically bulletproof, protects from shrapnel, and also breaks his fall. They deserve to also help our heroes fly or glide top top air due to the fact that he has no trip abilities.

It additionally hides his silhouette.

Batman operates mainly at night, and also human eyes are really an excellent at picking the end oddly shaped things in the dark, because the beforehand humans who weren’t really an excellent at that got consumed by lions and tigers and bears, five my.

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The objective of Batman’s cape is that... It’s no a cape, that a cloak. The hides a person’s recognizable shape by making the look much much more like a blob of shadow, quickly overlooked through a goon that’s not looking close sufficient at your surroundings. It just being mundane fabric would it is in an efficient tool for his arsenal, due to the fact that if the baddies don’t watch you coming, they’re not going to have a opportunity to seize onto the cloak.