What human being don"t understand, they tend to fear, and what lock fear, castle destroy. The epos poem, The Rime the the old Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, tells the astonishing and unbelievable story of a mariner’s pilgrimage to the south Pole and back. The story is composed of mystic powers and also throughout the poem, the old mariner comes across many different situations and intersections. End the food of the poem, the mariner comes to accept the consequences of his action by obtaining a depth understanding and appreciation that the world roughly him.

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At the start of the poem, once the mariner begins his voyage, he has actually no master of the consequences for poor decision making. After the mariner and his shipmates are propelled off food by the wind, they discover themselves in the land of ice, and also they run into an albatross. As they proceed sailing, the concerns follows, however later, the mariner kills the albatross. Back the remainder of the crew debates his actions; some believe that the reason that he decided to death the concerns is due to the fact that he connected the absence of wind through the bird. Due to the fact that the wind begins to drive the delivery as soon as the concerns appears. As soon as he kills it, Colebridge writes, “"God conserve thee, ancient mariner!/ native the fiends, that afflict thee thus!—/ Why look"st she so?"—With mine crossbow/ i shot the ALBATROSS./…”(pg.7). This quote shows how naive the mariner remained in the beginning stages the his voyage. The mariner didn’t recognize or even think to 2nd guess himself prior to impulsively death the albatross. After killing the Albatross, his shipmates placed the bird on his neck to show the dead of killing it, and also it symbolizes the lasting aftermath of irrational actions.

When the mariner has his very first personal communication with the mystic world, he begins to understand and also accept the impact that his decisions might cause. As the mariner’s delivery countered cruising without wind for numerous days, lock came throughout a strange ship. As they to be sailing, the mariners shipmates knew the a curse had actually fallen top top them when the mariner shooting the albatross. Together they 2 ships came beside each various other the text tell united state that, Death and LIfe-in-Death played a dice video game for every of the men"s lives. Death won all of the lives of the shipmates other than for the mariner. When Life-in-Death won the mariners elevator his fate was sealed. In ~ this part, the mariner says, “The souls go from your bodies fly,—/ they fled come bliss or woe!/ and also every soul, it passed me by,/ prefer the whizz of mine cross-bow!”/…(p.11) This quote highlights that the mariner is still functioning on knowledge the effects of his actions. When he says, “Like the whizz of my cross-bow!” it reflects that he has realized that killing the albatross to be what began this chain that events. Also though the mariner to know the reason for the ship of fatality going to him, that still hasn"t tried come redeemed himself through the greater power whether that being the mystic power facilitating the mariners conference or the unknown soul pushing the delivery without wind.

Towards the end of the poem, the mariner concerns a spiritual realization and also gains the an abilities to be able to make decisions through mindfulness because that what could come after. After getting cursed by the ship of Death, the mariner ends up being the only living human on the ship while still gift cursed and also in a trance. Together he is ~ above the delivery he becomes depressed and loses every hope, however his curse is lifted after the praises the beauty, beauty of the world and also makes a prayer. In this component Colebridge writes, O happy life things! No tongue/ your beauty can declare:/ A feather of love gushed from my heart,/ and also I blessed them unaware./…”(p.13). As he described in the quote, “And a thousand thousand slimy things lived on; and also so walk I..” the mariner compares himself to the slimy things he has actually seen under the water. This quote mirrors the mariner realizing the beauty, beauty of nature and gains the capability to evaluate the world approximately him. As he compares self to the creatures that realizes that each the his decisions, such as killing the albatross, will always have an influence and aftermath that will certainly follow. In the next line Colbride writes, “The self-same minute I might pray;/ and from my neck for this reason free/ The Albatross dropped off, and sank/ prefer lead right into the sea.”/…(p.13). As the Albatross falls off the mariner"s neck it symbolizes the curse that was originally placed upon that after killing the albatross being lifted.

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Throughout the mariner"s voyage, he concerns gain the capacity to think before he acts. He’s likewise able to be mindful and take into account the after-effects that his actions could cause. In the start the mariner acted carelessly without any kind of show the consequential thinking or sense of aftermath but together the story progresses for this reason does the mariner. Throughout the center of the story, the mariner starts to realize the each that his actions carries importance and also repercussions. At the finish of the poem the mariner comes to totally comprehend the aftermath of his action through the nature approximately him. When civilization don"t learn from their mistakes and change their activity accordingly, they have tendency to do them again.