Lybia, a north African country on the Mediterrenean rim through an Arabic and also Muslim culture. It to be an Italian colony in between 1911 and also 1947. Italy inhabited ~ the 1911 Italo-Turkish War. In 1947, Italy had actually to gave up every its nests as result of its loss in world War Two.

Mass wasting might be explained as the motion of loose, unconsilidatwd, soil or earth materials under a slope. Two significant forces i beg your pardon controls the level or level of fixed wastibg is frictional and also Gravitational forces. Frictional forces oppose movement of materials down slope while Gravitational force aids the movement of materials. The midpoint of this tow forces is marked by the edge OF REPOSE, which is the best slope edge these loosened materials have the right to maintain. At higher angles, slope is steeper and also gravity wins, if at much more gentle slope angles. Friction wins.

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Globalization is the integration the people, organization and governments of various nations. This procedure is moved by worldwide trade ( that increases economic interdependence of national economies), emigration and immigration of people in different countries - (hence transmission of ideas, meanings, and also values roughly the world), and communication in between people throughout the globe.

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A merit that globalization is that it permits poor societies to gain progressed technologies and also information that would help improve your living standards. A demerit the globalization is the it results to dissolved of rare indigenous societies by the dominant societies hence reduce an international diversity.


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Almost every country in Europe has actually a coastline. Two ways each that climate, economy, politics, culture, and settlement trends

The nations have actually been impacted by the visibility of the mediterranean sea and also atlantic ocean


The coastal region of Europe has a positive affect on the economic situation of the region as lock are numerous of organic resources and also they are rich with naval life and also fisheries. This contributes to 40% the the GDP of the nation.For the climate readjust perspective, these areas are dangerous for the negotiations as lock are fragile to floods as many of the civilization live 50 kilometres within the sea.Due come the existence of the mediterranean sea, the climate is influenced by the supremacy of mediterranean society like fruits and also vegetables.

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EU has ecosystem administration which is taken by eco-friendly protection policies. The EU practice the convention that the law of the sea the 200 nautical miles that prolong up to 12 nautical miles from its coastline.