c). No; while the noncovalent bonds identify the shape of a protein, the peptide bond are forced to host the amino acids together.

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Explanation: Peptide binding is a kind of bond the covalently joins two or more amino acid molecules with a substituted amide linkage. Peptide link is created by the removed of the facets of water native the alpha carboxyl team of one amino acid and also the alpha-amino team of an additional amino acid. As soon as two amino mountain molecules space joined by peptide bond, the result molecule is dubbed a dipeptide, once three amino mountain molecules are connected by two peptide bonds, a tripeptide is formed. Once a couple of amino acids are joined by peptide bonds, the structure is dubbed an oligopeptide, when countless amino acids room joined, the product is dubbed a polypeptide.

Since the enzyme division the peptide bonds, it means that the protein has actually been broken down into its constituent amino acid, as such the protein has lost its primary structure and therefore will no longer retain that is shape.

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1. A) Ribosomes

2. C) Thousands of species of proteins

3. A) Nucleus

The rest I don"t know

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1. Space-filling

2. Ribbon model

3. Cable frame

4. An easy shape

5. Streamlined diagram


"attached is the question"

A protein deserve to be visualized using different species of models. The models you usage will count on what you desire the viewer come understand. A space-filling model would show all the atoms that composes a protein. This form of model makes usage of spheres, emphasizing the globular framework of the atoms. They are proportional come the actual dimension of the atom castle represent. Each type of atom is a various color. Also the distances of the spheres are proportional come its size to assist viewers far better see the actual shape of the protein. Ribbon version is additionally a 3D depiction of a protein. It mirrors the just the backbone the the protein. It highlights the folds and coils in a protein, generally the organization. Part versions display the α-helices together ribbons and also β-strands are presented as arrows. Wire frame model is favor the ribbon model however it likewise shows the next chains. It reflects the different atoms that space involved. Slim wires present the binding made between the atoms and also the wires bend present the relative location of the atoms. A straightforward shape focuses an ext on the role of the protein all at once rather than the internal structures. The shape does not represent a details protein, just using a basic shape to represent a protein. A streamlined diagram shows more detail than the an easy shape. It shows the interior structures as well but prefer the an easy shape model, it focuses more on the function of the protein. A version of the is a hard shape, which does not present the interior structure.

1. The space-filling design is used when one wants to show the three-dimensional shape of a protein, comprising all of the atom constituting it.

2. A streamlined diagram is provided when one desires to display the general shape that a protein, along with particular essential sensible details favor coils and also folds.

3. A ribbon design is provided when one desires to demonstrate the three-dimensional form of a protein, making up the backbone composition, coils, and folds.

4. A basic shape is supplied when one desires to show a generalised protein in i m sorry the focus is on the function of the protein despite its structure.

5. A wireframe model is provided if one wants to demonstrate the three-dimensional form of a protein by mirroring the amino acid side chains and also their associations.

a. No; conversely, the noncovalent bonds identify the shape of a protein, the peptide binding are compelled to hold the amino mountain together.


Proteins are the polymers of amino acids. Amino acids room joined together by peptide bonds to make long chains of polypeptides. Therefore, the peptide bonds preserve the primary structure the a protein. Once several amino acids are hosted together by peptide bonds, the polypeptide chains are folded into secondary, tertiary and quaternary structures.

Breaking the peptide bonds would certainly digest the protein and also release the amino acids from the polypeptide chain. Therefore, cradle of peptide bond would break down the protein which subsequently would not be able to maintain its form in the lack of a polypeptide chain.

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I think the exactly answer is A. Since D,and B are not correct.

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One: Ribosomes

Two: Thousands OTOP or proteins

Three: Nucleus

Four: Three

Five: Twenty

Six: mRNA

Seven: Transcription

Eight: Uracil


The amino acids integrate in various ways to form proteins with different shapes, and also this affects i m sorry molecules can bind come it, which consequently directs the protein"s function.


There are many different combinations because that amino mountain to bind, and every one of the different combinations have really different structures.

Additionally, the distinctive shapes of every proteins recognize the exact duty that they have.

These different shapes will also influence what molecules deserve to bind come it.

The explanations are mentionned in the fastened file.

1. The best answer is B

2. The appropriate answer is D

3. The ideal answer is A

4. The appropriate answer is D

5. The appropriate answer is C

6. The best answer is A

7. The appropriate answer is C

8. The best answer is B

9. The appropriate answer is B

10. The best answer is A

11. The right answer is B

12. The right answer is A

16. The right answer is True

17. The ideal answer is C

18. The right answer is A

19. The right answer is A

20. The appropriate answer is A

21. The ideal answer is D

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