The reactivity of group 1 facets increases together you go under the group due to the fact that the atoms behistoricsweetsballroom.comme larger; the outer electron behistoricsweetsballroom.commes further from the nucleus; the force of attraction in between the nucleus and also the external electron decreases; the external electron is lost an ext easily.

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This is todo v the framework of the atoms. Both room in group 1 that the regular table so have one valence (outer) electron i beg your pardon is reasonably easy come lose as result of a variable known as shielding (I deserve to add an ext detail right here if needed) and also the desire to get a ‘noble gas historicsweetsballroom.comnfiguration’. Together potassium is bigger than sodium, potassium’s valence electron is at a higher distance from the attractive nucleus and also is so removed more easily 보다 sodium’s valence electron. As it is removed much more easily, the requires less energy, and also can be stated to be more reactive.

On haloalkanes, does branching influence polarity? I understand 2-bromo-2-methylpropane is more polar the 1-chlorobutane, however why?

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