The Legend the Zelda: Twilight Princess is an adventure video game in the Zelda series. Similar to the various other games, girlfriend play Link, who should prevent Hyrule from gift engulfed through corruption from a parallel dimension. Unlike various other Zelda games, you can take the form of a human being or a wolf.

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Like other games in the series, the activity focuses on combat, exploration, and also puzzle-solving in the dungeon areas that you discover. The game expanded the Wii era"s embracing of much easier and much more intuitive controls, not just in the consist of of movement detection yet in a single action button used to offer a selection of functions. The man-made intelligence of adversaries in Twilight Princess took a leap forward due to the fact that The Wind Waker, together they reaction to beat companions and also to arrows or slingshot pellets that pass by, and also can detect attach from a greater distance 보다 was possible in vault games.The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was released on both Gamecube and also Wii in ~ the very same time, with an HD version on Wii U coming later. The Wii U version available some enhancements and a harder Hero mode. Over there are plenty of games in the Zelda series, each obtained long and focused breakthrough from Nintendo:The Legend the Zelda (1986) top top NESThe Adventure of link (1987) top top NESOcarina the Time (1998) ~ above Nintendo 64 climate updated for 3D on Nintendo 3DSLink’s Awakening DX (1998) on Gameboy ColourMajora"s Mask (2000) top top Nintendo 64 then updated come 3D ~ above Nintendo 3DSOracle of Seasons and also Oracle of periods (2001) top top Gameboy ColourFour Swords (2002) ~ above GamecubeFour Swords Adventures (2004) top top GamecubeThe Minish lid (2004) ~ above Gameboy AdvanceTwilight Princess (2006) on Wii and Gamecube climate in HD ~ above Wii UPhantom Hourglass (2007) top top Nintendo DSSpirit monitor (2009) top top Nintendo DSSkyward sword (2011) on WiiA Link in between Worlds (2013) on Nintendo 3DSTri force Heroes (2015) top top Nintendo 3DSBreath of the Wild Sequel (TBA) ~ above Switch

Game Details

Content Rating: ESRB TEEN

Platforms: GameCube, Wii and Wii U

Genres: Action, Adventure, Narrative, open up World, Puzzle and Role-Playing



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Duration: This video game will take in between 45 hours and 60 hours to complete.Players: This is a solitary player game.


The Legend that Zelda: Twilight Princess usually expenses $49.99.

The Legend the Zelda: Twilight Princess HD: Digital Version

Wii U $49.99

Additional in-game purchase are readily available for items that enhance the experience. The older version of the game on Wii and Gamecube is cheaper, yet lacks the HD visuals that the Wii U version.Twilight Princess HD is compatible with the Wolf connect amiibo, together with the super Smash Bros. Series Zelda amiibo, consisting of Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Sheik, and Toon Link. These are scanned come unlock items:Wolf Link: Unlocks a brand-new optional dungeon dubbed the cave of Shadows, which deserve to be accessed anytime indigenous the collection screen. Connect or Toon Link: Replenish every one of Link"s Arrows. The Zelda or Sheik amiibo will regain all Hearts.Ganondorf: enables Link to take double as lot damage.

Content Rating

Although other versions the Zelda have actually been rated ESRB anyone 10+
, Twilight Princess is rated ESRB TEEN through Animated Blood and also Fantasy Violence. One section allows players to communicate in a one-on-one sword-fight with a boss character. Cutscenes periodically depict characters impaled through swords or shot through arrows; one boss creature emits small puffs of purple liquid when stabbed.

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We haven"t documented accessibility features for this game yet. Ours The Legend that Zelda: Twilight Princess ease of access Report details system-wide setups that may help, and suggests comparable games with access features. Tweet the developer (

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