The religious Society that Friends, additionally referred to as the Quaker Movement, was established in England in the 17th century by George Fox. He and other beforehand Quakers, or Friends, were persecuted for their beliefs, which had the idea the the visibility of God exist in every person. Quakers garbage elaborate religious ceremonies, didn’t have actually official clergy and also believed in spiritual equality for men and women. Quaker missionaries very first arrived in America in the mid-1650s. Quakers, who exercise pacifism, play a an essential role in both the abolitionist and women’s legal rights movements.

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George Fox

In the 1640s, George Fox, climate a young man and also the kid of a weaver, left his house in the English Midlands and also traveled approximately the country on a spiritual quest. It was a time of spiritual turmoil in England, with human being seeking reform in the Church the England or starting their own completing churches.

Over the course of his journey, together Fox met others trying to find a much more direct spiritual experience, he come to think that the visibility of God was found within civilization rather than in churches. He experienced what he referred to as “openings,” instances in which that felt God was talking directly to him.

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Quaker Beliefs

Fox mutual his spiritual beliefs and also epiphanies v others, speaking to significantly larger gatherings. Also though his views were perceived by some as a danger to culture and he was jailed for blasphemy in 1650, Fox and other early on Quakers ongoing to share your beliefs. 

In 1652, that met Margaret Fell, that went on to become another leader in the beforehand Quaker movement. She home, Swarthmoor room in northwest England, offered as a gathering place for plenty of of the first Quakers. Fox and Fell married in 1667.

Meanwhile, “Quaker” emerged as a derisive nickname because that Fox and also others who shared his belief in the biblical passage that world should "tremble at words of the Lord." The team eventually taken on the term, although their main name became spiritual Society that Friends. Members are referred to as girlfriend or Quakers.

What Is a Quaker?

Quakerism ongoing to spread across Britain during the 1650s, and also by 1660 over there were about 50,000 Quakers, according to part estimates.

A number of Quaker ideas were considered radical, such as the idea the women and men were spiritual equals, and women could speak out throughout worship. Quakers didn’t have official ministers or spiritual rituals. They opted not to use honorific title such together “Your Lordship” and “My Lady.”

Based ~ above their interpretation of the Bible, Quakers to be pacifists and also refused to take legal oaths. Main to their ideas was the idea that everyone had the light of Christ within them.

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Fox spent lot of the 1660s behind bars, and also by the 1680s thousands of Quakers throughout the brother Isles had actually suffered decades of whippings, torture and also imprisonment.

Colonial Quakers

Quaker missionaries arrived in phibìc America in the mid-1650s. The very first was Elizabeth Harris, who went to Virginia and Maryland. By the early 1660s, an ext than 50 various other Quakers had complied with Harris.