If a motherboard"s specifications speak it supports DDR3 SDRAM sticks, would certainly I be exactly to assume it is also compatible v DDR2 RAM? Am ns wrong, or does it count on the motherboard?



No. DDR3 and also DDR2 room designed differently. Both have actually different key placing for this reason they won"t even physically fit, no to point out differences in electrical voltage:


There room motherboards which will carry out entirely separate slot for DDR2, however you cannot use DDR3 in DDR2 slots, or both types together.

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supports DDR3 SDRAM sticks, would I be correct to i think it is additionally compatible v DDR2 RAM?

That"s incorrect. DDR3 Rams space PIN & voltage incompatible.

Or does it count on the motherboard?

Certain motherboards carry out DDR2 & DDR3 slots, but you can use only 1 kind at a time, you cannot mix and match both


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