“What’s that? A hat?…” If you’re a Wizards of Waverly Place fan, you know the rest. As soon as some of the cast from the fight Disney Channel collection had a mini-reunion newly to play a round of Wizards trivia, they had come recreate the “Crazy Funky Junky Hat” song.

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Cast of ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ | Ron Tom/Disney Channel via Getty Images

The ‘Crazy Funky Junky Hat’ song

The “Crazy Funky Junky Hat” song made one appearance several times in season 1 illustration 4 of Wizards the Waverly Place, dubbed “New Employee.” Alex (Selena Gomez) and also Harper (Jennifer Stone) song the song as soon as they watch someone in a hat, with the two first breaking the end in the tune when they watch a student at school. The track is likewise sung when Harper functions at the Waverly below Station and also they view a client in a cowboy hat and also again, as soon as the two characters are in ~ the “Gurtbarn” and Alex end up v frozen yogurt on her head.

The lyrics are kooky and also fun:

What’s that? A hat?Crazy, funky, junky hatOverslept, hair unsightlyTrying come look like Keira KnightleyWe’ve to be there, we’ve excellent thatWe see ideal through her funky hat

Selena Gomez and also Jennifer stone came up with the dance

The lyrics to the track were cute and funny yet Gomez and stone gave the track some extra flair v an accompanying dance.

Series creator Todd Greenwald mutual the story behind the song and dance, informing International service Times how the actors came up through the moves.

“It to be to to mark a Harper and also Alex bonding moment, to present that they had some history together,” Greenwald explained around the song. “It come out the the writers’ room, yet where it really pertained to life was when Jennifer and also Selena offered it the dance.”

He continued, “We didn’t write the dance. The words came out the the writers’ room, however it really involved life as soon as it fight the stage and also Selena and Jennifer obtained a organize of it.”

“It was just a collaboration of a silly line of words, brought to life throughout run-through through Jennifer and Selena. They offered it the life,” the added.

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The actors recreated the song throughout a mini reunion

When David Henrie, Gregg Sulkin, and stone got with each other for a mini Wizards of Waverly Place reunion, they tested their memories around the show. That course, the “Crazy Funky Junky Hat” track came up…. And also naturally, they decided to recreate the little of TV magic.

Henrie said, “I obtain comments to this particular day — human being are like ‘do the crazy funky junky hat’” and then a lightbulb went off together he called his co-stars, “We should entirely do that!!”

Henrie also detailed at the begin of the video, “Make certain if you desire a reboot come like, comment, and let us know because those sort of analytics are helpful to a reboot’s cause.”

Henrie and Sulkin had actually dished top top a possible reboot during an previously reunion video clip they did together. “I’ve speak to some people. Talked to some world that room decision-makers, to my sis Selena and I need to be really tactful with my response here due to the fact that I’ll say there’s a many goodwill,” Henrie explained. “I don’t think anyone’s opposed to the idea, however I think the a issue of time. Could be tomorrow. Might be a year native now. But I’d to speak there’s reasonable hope the there will certainly be a reunion one day.”