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Prefixes are vital morphemes in English vocabulary that start words. The prefix sub-, through its variants i m sorry all begin with su-, is a prolific part of the English language. Instances using this prefix encompass subway, suffer, supply, and suggest. An easy means to remember the the prefix sub- way “under” is through the word submarine, or a automobile that travels “under” the sea.

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-mentquality, condition

A supplement “fills under” something rather to do it complete; for instance, one might take a supplement come “fill” a void in one’s diet, ensuring one has enough of a certain nutrient.


reptsnatched, grabbed, seized
-itiousof the nature of

When someone has been surreptitious about doing something, he has “snatched, grabbed, or seized” that “under” who else’s notice or awareness top top purpose.

Undertake the sub Prefix Subway

Prefixes are vital morphemes in English vocabulary that begin words. The prefix sub-, with its variants suc-, suf-, sug-, sup-, and also sur-, all median “under.”

Sub- is the most common type of this prefix. A submarine, because that instance, travel “under” the sea. A subway is the means to travel “under” a city. When you have a subpar performance, the is “under” what it have to be. Once you subscribe come a magazine, girlfriend "under"write the so as to provide the authors of the magazine with money for their efforts. And also a subterranean cave is “under” the earth.

Sub- also has a big number of variant spellings, which not just all start with su-, do them straightforward to spot, but additionally follow the rules of prefix assimilation, which provides the word simpler to say. Let’s take a look at a number of these spelling variants so that you can acquire the hang of them.

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The prefix sub- changes naturally come suf-, which also method “under,” in prior of roots that begin with an f. If a prefix starts or sits at the “top” that a word, a suffix is addressed “under” or “at the foot of” it. Exactly how silly “subfix” would certainly sound! If miscellaneous is sufficient, enough has to be made or done “under” it to host it up. Again, “subficient” just doesn’t work. And also when one suffers, one carries “under” it s her a hefty burden. Imagine ours suffering if we had actually to speak “I am subferring native a cold!”

Let’s look in ~ some various other variants the sub-, which monitor three usual rules: 1. All average “under.” 2. All begin with su-. 3. Every follow the rules of prefix assimilation.

Succor: when you succor an additional person, you operation “under” she in stimulate to aid her. Suggest: once you suggest something, you bring it “under” the notification of various other people. Support: once someone supports you, she goes “under” you to bring you in part way. Surreal: miscellaneous surreal is not rather real, yet is “under” the which is real, for this reason seems dreamlike.

Don’t it is in taken “under” by words that contain sub-, however realize the sub- and its variants beginning with su- simply want to take you “under” their linguistic wing!

submarine: automobile which walk ‘under’ the sea. subway: ’under’ground transportation subpar: the a performance the is ‘under’ what it have to be subscribe: to ’under’write a magazine subterranean: pertaining come ‘under’ the ground suffix: morpheme fastened ‘under’ a word sufficient: a law ‘under’ suffer: a moving ‘under’ succor: a running ‘under’ suggest: a transferring ‘under’ support: a transferring ‘under’ surreal: ‘under’ reality