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words whose 4th letter is Z

Baize (n.) A rough circuit woolen stuff through a long nap; -- commonly dyed in level colors.Banzai (interj.) Lit., may you live ten thousand years; -- provided in salutation of the emperor and as a battle cry.Benzal (n.) A compound radical, C6H5.CH, of the aromatic series, concerned benzyl and also benzoyl; -- offered adjectively or in combination.Benzine (n.) A liquid consisting largely of the lighter and more volatile hydrocarbons that petroleum or kerosene oil, offered as a solvent and also for cleansing soiled fabrics; -- called also petroleum spirit, petroleum benzine. Varieties or comparable products room gasoBenzyl (n.) A link radical, C6H5.CH2, related to toluene and also benzoic acid; -- generally used adjectively.Benzonaphtol () A white crystalBlazer (n.) The dish used when food preparation directly over the flame of a chafing-dish lamp, or the coals that a brasier.Blazer (n.) The dish offered when cooking directly end the flame of a chafing-dish lamp, or the coals of a brasier.Buzzsaw () A circular saw; -- so dubbed from the buzzing that makes as soon as running at full speed.Craze (n.) A short-term passion or infatuation, together for same brand-new amusement, pursuit, or fashion; as, the bric-a-brac craze; the aesthetic craze. Epizeuxis (n.) A figure whereby a word is recurring with vehemence or emphasis, as in the following Epozoic (a.) life upon the exterior of one more animal; ectozoic; -- stated of external parasites.Epizootic (a.) include fossil remains; -- claimed of rocks, formations, mountains, and the like.Epizootic (a.) the the nature of a disease which strikes many animals at the exact same time; -- corresponding to epidemic diseases amongst men.Fitz (n.) A son; -- offered in link names, to suggest paternity, esp. The the illegitimate young of kings and princes that the blood; as, Fitzroy, the son of the king; Fitzclarence, the boy of the battle each other of Clarence. Fives (n. Pl.) A kind of play through a ball against a wall, the same, similar thing tennis; -- therefore named since three fives, or fifteen, are counted to the game.Frazzle (v. T.) to fray; come wear or pull into tatters or tag ends; to tatter; -- used literally and figuratively.Frazzle (n.) The plot or an outcome of frazzling; the condition or high quality of gift frazzled; the sign end; a frayed-out end.Frozen (a.) Cold-hearted; unsympathetic; unyielding.futz (v. I.) fool around; to act without setup or purpose; -- usually offered with around; as, come futz approximately with a an equipment without knowledge its operation.Furze (n.) A thorny evergreen shrub (Ulex Europaeus), through beautiful yellow flowers, an extremely common ~ above the plains and also hills of good Britain; -- called additionally gorse, and also whin. The dwarf furze is Ulex nanus.Furzechat (n.) The whinchat; -- called additionally furzechuck.Furzeling (n.) one English warbler (Melizophilus provincialis); -- called additionally furze wren, and Dartford warbler.Glazy (a.) having actually a glazed appearance; -- said of the broken surface of some kinds of pen iron.Lazzaroni (n. Pl.) The homeless idlers of Naples that live by chance work-related or begging; -- so referred to as from the Hospital the St. Lazarus, i m sorry serves together their refuge.Mizzen (n.) The hindmost the the fore and also aft sails of a three-masted vessel; also, the spanker.Mizzenmast (n.) The hindmost mast that a three-masted vessel, or of a yawl-rigged vessel.Mozzetta (n.) A cape, with a little hood; -- worn by the pope and other dignitaries that the roman Catholic Church.Muzzy (a.) Absent-minded; dazed; muddled; stupid.Neozoic (a.) more recent than the Paleozoic, -- the is, consisting of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic.Nozzle (n.) A short outlet, or inlet, pipe projecting indigenous the finish or side of a hollow vessel, as a steam-engine cylinder or a vapor boiler.Otozoum (n.) An extinction genus of vast vertebrates, most likely dinosaurs, recognized only native four-toed tracks in Triassic sandstones.Oyez (interj.) Hear; attend; -- a term supplied by criers of courts to for sure silence prior to making a proclamation. It is repetitive three times.Pizzle (n.) The penis; -- so dubbed in some animals, together the bull.Puzzle (v. T.) To fix by ingenuity, together a puzzle; -- followed by out; as, come puzzle the end a mystery.Rhizocarpous (a.) having actually perennial rootstocks or bulbs, but annual flowering stems; -- stated of all perennial herbs.Rhizophagous (a.) Feeding ~ above roots; root-eating.

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