Shadowmoon sink (Draenor) is a zone on the continent the Draenor in the world of Warcraft game. The zone has actually a hilly ecological feel come it.. Shadowmoon valley (Draenor) has quests for players leveled 90-. The area is not controlled by either faction and also has quests for both factions. There is one or raid located in this zone.

Shadowmoon sink on Draenor is the beginning zone for The Alliance races in the Warlords that Draenor expansion after the starting quests.

When Shadowmoon sink was an initial encountered in the burn Crusade, it was a high-level zone and also dark, dreary and also barron. It contained the Black holy place raid. The to update zone has vegetation and the Black holy place is currently the temple of Karabor. The temple is Alliance friendly.

There is only one instance here and that is the Shadowmoon funeral Grounds, wherein you conference Ner"zhul, among the warlords. Ner"zhul is an Orc shaman that is in component responsible for the Lich King.

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How to gain to Shadowmoon valley (Draenor)


For the Alliance, that is simple to get to the zone, lock only need to teleport come the zone utilizing their Garrison Heathstone. Once in their town hall, they simply run out of their city hall and also out that the Garrison far enough and you room in Shadowmoon Valley.


For The Horde, the is a little bit of a stretch, you perform the very same as the Alliance, heathstone to the Garrison and then take trip using the flight paths or using your mounts and also get there.


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