JayZ is a cheating kid of a bitch. Sorry someone had to to speak it. Because that those that you that don’t understand (which ns don’t know just how you don’t due to the fact that it’s it is in everywhere) Beyonce just dropped a p H E N O M E N A l album about JayZ’s infidelity. Just how please explain HOW someone could even THINK about cheating top top Beyonce? HOW. Beyonce displayed the an extremely word empowerment. She is a strong, capable, independent mrs that absolutely doesn’t need a cheater in her life (please relocate on Bey, you deserve to do so much much better than him).

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So my idea here is cheating. Carry out MLS players feel prefer they’ve been cheated on as soon as a member of their team either it s okay drafted because that a brand-new team or leaves voluntarily because that a brand-new team? They have to feel at the very least a little weird about it? many teammates don’t switch teams because they’re comfortable through where they room so switching and also getting the end of her comfort zone have the right to be taken into consideration non conformist since this isn’t usually practiced.

HERE’S mine THOUGHT procedure FOR THE an extremely LAST TIME girlfriend GUYS!!