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Barbara from Staten Islandi to be married end 50 years and also tony is quiet the oneOnalee Olson Flicker from sunlight Lakes AzThis is my favorite song also today. I"m 75 yrs old.Susan from Atlanta, GeorgiaI vividly psychic in 1976 once this tune was supplied by alphabet for their new fall line-up and then again, together someone mentioned, a celebratory song for your being #1 in 1977, and I just acquired sick to fatality of it. The happens to me when any song is overplayed, ns guess, also if ns am the one that overplayed it. Walk figure. Generally speaking, though, it is a great song.Barry indigenous Sauquoit, NyOn July 25th 1976, "Still The One" by Orleans gone into Billboard"s hot Top 100 graph at place #69; and also on October 17th, 1976 it peaked at #5 for 1 week and spent 18 weeks on the top 100...Between 1975 and 1979 the quintet had 5 Top 100 records; through two making the top 10, their other Top 10 document was "Dance with Me", it reached #6 for 1 week top top October 12th, 1975.Ken native Pensacola Beach, FlI remember once ABC offered this together a promotion for one of their new seasons in the so late 70"s. If you have actually an affinity because that this or any Orleans tune, I very recommend your "Still The One" album. The unique thing around Orleans is that almost every one of their songs are upbeat pieces about hope. That one album got me with a divorce in the at an early stage 2000"s. Exorbitant stuff.Ken native Louisville, KyABC offered this to celebrate the first time in its history (1977-78) it was the number one rated television network in the U.S. Lock slightly transformed they lyrics to "You"re still having actually fun/And we"re still the one" castle did fancy music video clip featuring numerous ABC stars holding up your index finger in the "we"re number one" salute and broadcast it constantly that season. The following season, as soon as they to be aganin number one, abc did another comparable music video promo, only this time they supplied the Oak Ridge Boys track "You"re The One" (changed come "We"re The One"). Brad from Barry, TxI heard Orleans carry out this song on a "Best the the 70s" unique on PBS a pair of years ago. Castle sounded specifically the exact same as they go thirty years ago. Tho a good band and a an excellent song.John from fort Worth, TxI am a 47-year-old man and also the much longer I hear this tune the more I love it.Marie native Ithaca, NyOrleans provided to play here in central NY prior to they made it "big" (and a few times afterwards). There was NOTHING choose an orleans concert! my husband and I to be dating ago then and went to number of Orleans concert to gether, therefore this is "our" song. Anyone ever here "Sweet Joahanna?" it"s a really rare Orleans song John wrote around his wife!Pete from Nowra, AustraliaIs likewise the theme track for the Ch 9 TV network here in Australia.see an ext comments
Don"t go Breaking mine HeartElton John and also Kiki Dee

Elton John had a large hit duetting v Kiki Dee on "Don"t walk Breaking mine Heart," however he"s also performed it with RuPaul and also Miss Piggy.

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Livin" La Vida LocaRicky martin

Ricky Martin"s "Livin" La Vida Loca" to be the an initial #1 hit developed entirely in pro Tools.

Le FreakChic

The males from Chic composed "Le Freak" as a article to a doorman that wouldn"t allow them right into a club. Originally, it was "F--- Off."

Wild BoysDuran Duran

Duran Duran"s "Wild Boys" is based upon the publication of the very same name by wilhelm Burroughs.

Three little BirdsBob Marley & the Wailers

Bob Marley"s back-up singers, The ns Threes, case they are the "Three little Birds" in his famous song.

Rocket ManElton john

Elton John"s "Rocket Man" is based upon a ray Bradbury story dubbed The Rocket guy published in 1951.

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Janis Ian: Married in London, yet not in brand-new YorkSong creating

Can you it is in married in one country but not another? only if you"re component of a gay couple. Among the an initial famous singers to come out together a lesbian, Janis wrote a song about it.

songs in renowned Movie Scenes: "80s EditionMusic Quiz

You know the scene - Tom Cruise in his very own pants-off dance off, Molly Ringwald celebrate her birthday - yet do friend remember what track is playing?

Richard MarxSongwriter Interviews

Richard defines how Joe Walsh kickstarted his career, and why he made decision Hazard, Nebraska because that a hit.

James Williamson that Iggy & the StoogesSongwriter Interviews

The Stooges guitarist (and producer that the death City album) talks about those beforehand recordings and also what really occurred with David Bowie.

LecraeSongwriter Interviews

The Christian rapper talks around where his trip to Haiti and his history of addiction fit into his songs.

song CitiesMusic Quiz

Nirvana, Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen are among those that wrote songs with cities that display up in this quiz.