Released BySnowboundmageLanguageEnglishStatusUnfinished PlatformNintendo DSPatching InformationNo distinct RequirementsGenreRole PlayingPublished ByTomyGame Date01 December 2005Patch Version1.3Release Date29 respectable 2015ReadmeDownloads22740Last Modified05 February 2016

About the game: A video game which combines the story of the previous 3 games, cutting part sections and also expanding others. As can be expected, it functions improvements in graphics and sound. In addition, it contains characters, Zoids and also story elements from the Zoids Genesis anime.

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Current translator picked up where arkream left off. He will be doing every the menu items, names, stat windows, descriptions of numerous things and also other stuff. It’ll be a while before he may be may be to achieve all of these goals.

Game Tips:Press and also hold under the ‘B’ an essential to do the dialog message statements pop-up instantaneously (When girlfriend keep pushing the ‘A’ switch to go through all the dialogs); and to relocate your character roughly in towns and your mechanically unit about the overworld respectively quicker (While also using the directional tricks at the exact same time).

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1.3 - out NOWadded more scientist conversation (couldn’t find “not enough parts” or “no base zoid”)added sort menuadded description for deck commands

dense fogAgitatemiscouplingheartsmuddy ground

might be some other stuff added that I’ve long since forgotten.

ROM / ISO Information:

0235 - Zoids Saga DS - Legend the Arcadia (J)(Mode 7).ndsCRC-32 (Ethernet and PKZIP): FC597A7FSHA-1: C07DD7EE927A1986BD6A922776C08D5BB6B9F7F9SHA-256: ADB2A90A74D2D58A0593BC2D3EC06E95E9B9008A4FA67A8F94FFCB85C68EA8CEMD-5: 728457B895C17F26A896986F85361903